American Blacks and the Wawa mob in Philadelphia

“What shall be done with the four million slaves if they are emancipated? [snip] Our answer is, do nothing with them; mind your business, and let them mind theirs. Your doing with them is their greatest misfortune. They have been undone by your doings, and all they now ask, and really have need of at your hands, is just to let them alone. They suffer by every interference, and succeed best by being let alone.” – Frederick Douglass (1862).

Since the dawn of the Democrat party, Democrats have proven themselves incapable of leaving Blacks alone. During the years of open racism, they enslaved Blacks and then subjected them to Jim Crow. Since Jim Crow, they’ve done something more pernicious: They’ve destroyed many Blacks’ identity as equal citizens in America. The result is feral behavior such as that most recently seen at the Wawa in Philadelphia. This is not about race; it’s about culture and how the Democrats have destroyed it.

If you want a detailed timeline of the Democrat party’s depredation against Blacks in America—not just attacks on personal and economic liberty, but also on the cultural core of Black Americans—I highly recommend Bob Parks’ The Democrat Race Lie, which has a long list of Democrat and Republican policies regarding American Blacks. What’s remarkably clear about the Democrats is that they refuse to heed Frederick Douglass’s impassioned plea to leave Blacks alone.

When left even mostly alone, Blacks have done remarkably well. Outside the deep South, and despite chronic racism in the rest of America, Blacks made great strides after World War II. Indeed, in the lead-up to the 1950s Civil Rights Movement, Black marriage rates were roughly equal to White marriage rates. Also, from the 1920s through the 1950s—and again, despite discrimination across America—Blacks saw very swift economic growth.

What changed all this was the biggest Democrat initiative regarding Blacks since slavery itself: The Great Society plan and its attendant war on poverty. At that moment, with Democrats abandoning the “do nothing” policy Douglass desired and fiercely embracing a “do everything” policy, Black economic and social ascension in America collapsed. (You can see a well-sourced analysis here.)

Image: The Wawa mob. YouTube screen grab.

And yes, today, there is a strong upper-middle-class Black community that could not have existed in previous decades, of the type from which Michelle and Barack Obama sprang, but that ignores the greater collapse in the Black community. Outside of the small cadre of Obama-like people, we have a genuinely tragic societal collapse amongst the Black community: The numbers vary, but it appears that over 64% of Black children are raised without a father, a root cause of poverty. Children without fathers are also three times more likely to end up in jail.

The hell of fatherlessness, poverty, and crime that the Democrats visited upon Blacks has been made worse in recent years thanks to Critical Race Theory. This holds that racism is built into the American system, relieving credulous Blacks of the obligation to strive to succeed or to avoid crime. The Black Lives Matter movement, by demonizing police and, again, forgiving all Black criminal behavior, worsened this mindset. Behind it all is an attack on the Biblical values that create a safe, prosperous community.

The result is that young people who are perfectly capable of being good students, hard workers, and law-abiding citizens have been told that it’s practically a racial obligation to ignore education, refuse to work, and look upon the rule of law as a racist institution. The resulting anarchy shows up every day. If you are honest with yourself, you assume Blacks are involved whenever you read about a “smash and grab” at a store or that a “fight broke out” in a restaurant or airport.

Again, this is not a racial failure; it’s a cultural failure that occurred because Democrats have used every societal institution available to them (so here’s your real systemic racism) to deprive Blacks of a culture that leads to stability, safety, and economic success.

The latest example is the mob raid on a Wawa in Philadelphia:

Bob Parks, a Black conservative, is outraged by this trend because these young people, deliberately trained to believe they are above the law, destroy the reputations of all Black people. Check out the video he made, which is at the link above.

Remember: It didn’t have to be his way. In the 1960s, guilt-ridden Democrats couldn’t leave Blacks alone, which was a shame. Now, though, in the 2020s, they knowingly destroy Blacks to reap political benefits, and that’s pure evil.

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