After the breakfast tacos, Jill Biden comes to rally the Latino vote again. What could go wrong?

First lady, and doctor-to-you Jill Biden, has somehow been dispatched again to chase down and win back the long-gone Latino vote for the Democrats.

According to Fox News:

First lady Jill Biden plans to host an event for Hispanic Heritage Month but has not made any comments on the celebration just three months after being mocked for comparing Latinos to "breakfast tacos."

"Yes, the first lady will host a Hispanic Heritage Month reception at the White House and continue to engage the community as she travels the country," Elizabeth Alexander, communications director for the first lady, told Fox News Digital Friday. The date and further details of the reception have not been announced. 

Despite plans to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Jill Biden is yet to make any public statements on the celebration. 

In early July, Jill Biden compared the Latino community to breakfast tacos while speaking to a group of Hispanic voters at the 2022 UnidosUS Annual Conference in San Antonio.

How, or why, anyone thought this was a good idea is one of the enduring mysteries of the Biden administration. Who the heck came up with this idea? Please say, so Republicans can offer their thanks.

Democrats are facing a massive crisis right now with the Latino vote. They've staked their entire future on their presumed control of the Latino vote, and much to their surprise, Latino voters are walking the other way. 

This is the kind of crisis for them that calls for top talent, the big guns, in their party's desperate bid to turn that huge move of people, that megatrend, back toward them

Instead, they've got ... Jill Biden, who's the worst gaffe machine the Democrats have for that task, having uttered one semi-racist idiocy after another in her bid to woo Latino voters.

In San Antonio just nine weeks ago, she compared Latinos to breakfast tacos, which didn't go down well with the locals. In Delano, California, before an audience of Latino farmworkers, she attempted to rally them by shouting "Sí, se pwaud-way." Cringe. In the Bronx, she praised Latinos for their "bogedas," meaning, bodegas. The cringe just kept on coming.

Biden, whose previous "career" has been in community college teaching, hence, her insisted-on title of "doctor," wasn't much of a quick study, given that the schools she taught at did have significant Latino representation. As I noted here earlier:

besides not knowing a thing about the Spanish language in a common phrase that most English-speaking Americans know, she's someone who's taught at two community colleges, supposedly her real-world experience. 

How many Hispanic students at Delaware Technical Community College, home of her first community college teaching gig? As of 2019, 14.8% according to college diversity statistics. Apparently not a one made contact with Jill Biden or got across to her a scintilla of Spanish. She must have been ensconced in a white-privilege bubble. 

She also taught community college at Northern Virginia Community College. How many Hispanic kids there who could have familiarized her with a drib or drab of the Spanish language? As of 2017, according to the college, 21.5% of the students were Hispanic. She must have not known (or learned a tad of Spanish) from any of them. Perhaps she was remarkably incurious. 

 Yet every effort she's made to win Latinos over to the Democrat side has been a disaster for Democrats, achieving the opposite of its intended effect.

The latest report, from Andrew Abbott at AMAC, featured on RealClearPolitics, is that the outlook is getting bleak indeed:

As the midterms race closer, Republicans appear to be continuing to gain traction with Latino voters, a key constituency in winning control of Congress in 2022. While Democrats initially denied that such a demographic shift was even taking place, they are now in a desperate scramble to salvage their support among Hispanics.

Perhaps the clearest indicator of Democrats’ struggles with Hispanics has been President Joe Biden’s performance with the group. Though Biden won Hispanics 59%-38% in 2020, that represented a net 17-point decline from Hillary Clinton’s 66%-28% margin in 2016. Moreover, Biden’s approval rating with Hispanics is now hovering below 30%, one of his most dismal ratings among any demographic.

A number of polls over the past several months have also found Democrats only slightly ahead of Republicans in terms of support among Hispanic Americans, a dramatic shift after decades of Democratic candidates reliably earning anywhere from 60-80% of the Latino vote. Though Republicans aren’t likely to win a majority of the Hispanic vote in 2022 or even 2024, narrowing the gap to within a few points over just a few years is a drastic change given that such shifts often take decades to occur.

According to Daniel Garza of InsideSources, featured at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and at RealClearPolitics:

The biggest story in politics right now is the Hispanic community’s rejection of progressive policies and progressive politicians. Polls and election data increasingly show Latino voters embracing more pro-freedom policies and candidates than ever before.

In Washington, this trend is being viewed mostly as a partisan story, with one side celebrating and the other in denial. But the real effect of this realignment is not that Latinos will help the Republican Party — they are going to redefine and lead it.

The timing of this shift shouldn’t be surprising. Inflation, falling wages, a crime wave, a border crisis and unprecedented learning loss from unscientific COVID-19 school closures have led Americans of all ethnicities to sour on the policies and politicians responsible for our national malaise. Neither “wokeness” nor “socialism” have much appeal to communities who love America’s culture of individual liberty and equal opportunity.

The vast majority of the Hispanic community believes in the American Dream: working hard, playing by the rules and giving their children a chance to do even better. And they understand that the greatest obstacle to that dream is the corruption and incompetence of big government.

But fear not, Jill is there to turn it all around. She'll emote. She'll flatter. She'll express her "admiration" for those breakfast tacos, or people, or whatever. She'll declare "firsts." What she won't do is improve matters for Democrats on the Latino vote, given that Democrats have no intention of cleaning up the economy, education, crime, the open border, or any of the important things that matter to Latino voters, any more than she will clean these messes up for the rest of us.

But here she comes, vowing to avoid a gaffe this time perhaps, and serving up as the figurehead for how out of touch the Biden administration is as Republicans snap away the voters they've always claimed ownership of.

A new speech, another group of Latino voters, and Goofus there to address them as Lady Bountiful. What could go wrong?

Image: Screen shot from Telegraph video, via YouTube

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