A world ruled by oligarchs

Russia and Ukraine are ruled by oligarchs, and so is China, whose most powerful oligarchs are members of the CCP.  The United States is also ruled by big-money oligarchs who control Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Bloomberg, etc.  All these are global organizations that think nothing of trampling individual rights and conservative values if it means a more profitable bottom line.  Oligarchs are tyrants par excellence and have the power to transform the ideology of any country into a government that promotes their well-being at the expense of the individual.

The pandemic was a perfect example of power consolidation by oligarchs who decimated small businesses and financially independent individuals with lockdowns and vaccine mandates.  Inflation will continue to decimate small businesses and financially independent individuals on into the foreseeable future.

Klaus Schwab, chairman of the WEF, or the World Economic Forum, said, "You will own nothing and be happy," which pretty much is his desire that the individual will soon own no private property.  Property like your car, house, and other goods will either be rented from or owned by corporations and banks.

I feel that an individual owning no private property is a delusional dystopian concept because the destruction of pride of ownership would lead to the destruction of property by the renters and an eventual collapse of the whole collective economic system.  Collective property is never taken care of as well as private property, where there is pride of ownership.  That is why socialism, communism, and most forms of tyrannical fascism are doomed to fail in the long run.  Humans stop caring about property that they don't personally own.  Having no personal property that you care for also for most means living a miserable life of impoverished servitude in a society rife with corruption.

What is not often stated is that ethical leadership implies a moral, ethical, or virtuous populace out of which the leadership emerges.  If too many humans are no longer moral, ethical, or virtuous, not hardworking, not financially responsible, not family-oriented, and leading dysfunctional lifestyles, then don't expect the leadership to be paragons of integrity, which is fundamental if trust, the unifying human force, is to be maintained in society.

George Washington said, "Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder."  Whom can you trust today?  When you find out who those relatively few are, then generously support their efforts and enterprises with your money.

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