A sex ed books tells parents that children learn best when they get to watch

Leftists have long been obsessed with sexualizing children.  Breaking down a child's boundaries is the best way to gain control over that child and absorb the child into the state.  For the first decades of American leftism, leftists were coy about that policy.  Now, though, leftists believe the wind is at their back.  In schools, they're actively forcing transgenderism on kids, and, in at least one sex education book, there's an explicit suggestion that kids join mom and dad in bed.

It isn't just a random throwaway line to say that leftists see sexualizing children as an important part of the agenda.  Spiegel International wrote about what happened on the German left in the 1960s and 1970s:

One of the goals of the German 1968 movement [a hard left political and social movement] was the sexual liberation of children. For some, this meant overcoming all sexual inhibitions, creating a climate in which even pedophilia was considered progressive.


The educators' notes indicate that they placed a very strong emphasis on sex education. Almost every day, the students played games that involved taking off their clothes, reading porno magazines together and pantomiming intercourse.

According to the records, a "sex exercise" was conducted on Dec. 11 and a "f------ hour" on Jan. 14. An entry made on Nov. 26 reads: "In general, by lying there we repeatedly provoked, openly or in a hidden way, sexual innuendoes, which were then expressed in pantomimes, which Kurt and Rita performed together on the low table (as a stage) in front of us."

That was German leftism in the 1960s, and it's coming to America in 2022.  Courage Is a Habit, an organization that helps parents fight wokism, alerted parents to Ana Leblanc's Sex Education for 8–12 year olds: Kids book for good parents.  The book's cover is standard for the genre, showing somewhat primitively drawn kids of all races happily holding hands.

It's page 47, which the tweet also includes, that's raised eyebrows.  To help a parent get "started with educating your child about his/her sexuality," the book offers some helpful hints:

Couples can deliberately leave the bedroom door open or ajar while expressing intimacy.

Call upon your child to bring or take something away while you are expressing intimacy.

Take your child into bed with you and allow him or her watch [sic] as you share intimacy.


A couple should have no inhibition having their child watch as they share intimate embrace.

The book was available on Amazon but has since been removed thanks to a flurry of one-star reviews from concerned readers. Before that happened, though, the independently published book was a #1 Best Seller in "Children’s Nonfiction on Sexuality & Pregnancy."

There's no indication that any schools have put this book in classrooms or libraries, but at this point, it would be entirely consistent with what's taking place in schools across America.  Teachers are relentlessly focusing on sexuality, especially their own:

Need I go on?

In 1979, Peter Sellers starred in Being There (based on the Jerzy Kosinski novel), about a TV-watching simpleton who's forced to go out into the world and falls in with rich and powerful people in D.C. who mistake his banality for depth.  The funniest scene in the movie came when Eve (Shirley MacLaine), an empty rich woman, believes that they are about to embark upon an affair.  When she asks Chance what he likes, he replies, "I like to watch," meaning to watch TV.  Eve misunderstands, brings depth to his emptiness, and embarks on some comedic self-love.

Those words, "I like to watch," take on a whole new, very sinister meaning, once we understand what the left wants to do and is doing to our children, all of it meant to break the parent-child bonds and create, instead, state-child bonds.  Ana Leblanc's book may be gone from Amazon, but the hardcore leftist ideas behind it are slowly being introduced into classrooms across America.

Image: Cover of Sex Education for 8-12 year olds.  Twitter screen grab.

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