A million, bazillion reasons to vote for Republicans in November

Let's talk about three reasons to vote Republican in November 2022: lies, prevarications, and falsehoods — from the Democrats. 

The Democrats and their partners in the mainstream media have lied to Americans in every way it is possible to lie, and then they have lied about who is lying.

All these Democrat deceptions have damaged our society greatly and set the USA on our current path to destruction.  We have to change this by voting the bums out in November.

The Biden administration in its first year and a half has churned out so many fibs, untruths, and whoppers, by omission and commission, that I can't list them all in a blog post.

The worst have been the repeated falsity that the southern border is not open, which has been asserted by Secretary Mayorkas time and again, even though we can see with our own eyes that this is not true (gaslighting), and the fabrication that the pullout from Afghanistan was a success.  It was, in fact, a tragic debacle.

A huge whopper of the Democrats is going to have huge consequences: the climate change hoax.  Add on to that the Green New Deal, a disaster in the making.  The Democrats created the recent Inflation Reduction Act, which was really a climate change bill.  I guess we couldn't expect them to be honest, right?

For years the Democrats have smeared and slandered (borne false witness against) good Americans.  They've taken that art to a new level against President Trump.  And now they are recycling the fiction that Trump's supporters are dangerous to our country, are "semi-fascist," as Biden said.  Also, they have come up with a fairy tale of Trump hiding documents at Mar-a-Lago, which they found in a raid for which they made up a predicate.

The big slander and libel during the Biden run for president and in his administration as president is that Republicans are white supremacists, racists, homophobes, et cetera.  This has broken up families and friends all around the country.  A really shameful sham.

Related to this slander is the fake news put out again and again that Biden used to justify his race for president: the false narrative that President Trump excused racists who marched at Charlottesville.  Trump did not.  He denounced the white supremacists unequivocally.  The mainstream media did not report Trump's complete comments to make it sound as if he had not denounced white supremacists.  Biden believed it, or even not believing it, used it to run for president and repeated the falsehood at a United Nations summit.

Then there are the times when Biden and the Democrats have twisted the truth and still do, like when they say America is a "democracy," not a constitutional republic.  

Also, Biden's mendacity is breathtaking when he says the 2020 election was free and fair.  He represented before the election that his party had created the biggest voter fraud organization in history.  And just this week, Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook told Joe Rogan that the FBI told him things that kept Facebook from publishing information about Hunter Biden's laptop and what it revealed, right before the 2020 election. 

Breitbart reported on a poll that said that if Americans had known that information, it would have changed the outcome of the election in Trump's favor.

Related to the deceit about the election are the huge fabrications about the riot at the Capitol on January 6, that it was an insurrection.  No, it was not.  The Democrats also gave disinformation about who died in that altercation: it was only Ashli Babbitt.

Sad, but not beyond Democrats: Let's jump back to the campaign of Hillary Clinton for president.  Clinton's attitude of entitlement when it came to the presidency led her to be careless about many things, including classified materials and her emails.  When that began holding her back on her way to the White House, she started a lying campaign about Donald J. Trump, her opponent in the election, saying he was colluding with Russia.  This was a fabrication made up out of whole cloth, but it was believed by the bureaucrats and others in Washington, D.C., and they repeated and expanded the lie, which spread far and wide.

When Clinton lost the election in 2016, she threw a tantrum and ratcheted up her lie about Russian collusion.  This ended up costing the American taxpayer millions and millions of dollars and ruining lives.  Eventually, the truth about Russia collusion came out: there was no such thing.

We need to call the Democrats out publicly for their lying and stomp them for it at the ballot box in November — and so put our Republic on a solid footing of truth again.  Let's do it.

C.S. Boddie writes for Meadowlark Press, LLC.

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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