Why independent news is more trustworthy than the corrupted mainstream

The news cycle is a whirlwind of information.  Major news media outlets are constantly vying for the spotlight while also pushing their own politics.  While many Americans search for a trusted news source, or at least a reporter they tend to agree with, the sad fact is that any corporate paper can be bought out or pick the wrong battles at any time. 

Journalists switch jobs quickly.  Freelancers are everywhere, and op-eds get published almost as quickly as they're written.  In my time reporting, I worked for The New American for about two months, then moved on to The Epoch Times last summer, and barely worked as a paid writer for Evie Magazine for six months before landing my current education news position.

It's part of the job.  Some writers find the right fit, but many have to keep moving.  This means that each publication's perspective changes often as well. 

This also leaves mainstream conservative sources open to infiltration.  Activists posing as writers have forced their way into the industry in record numbers.  Just as all facets of the mainstream entertainment industry have been corrupted by political bias, no mainstream news source is fully protected.

Conservatives need to beware of the comfort trap.  Never trust that a reputable publication will continue to be so.  As was displayed when Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post, a once credible news source can easily shift focus with a change of hands.  The Washington Post used to produce compelling information, but it quickly switched to political activism.  Many individuals still don't even know that the Post was bought by the former Amazon mogul.

This is how so many moderates were swayed away from reason.  They continued trusting their preferred news source, despite obvious changes in reporting.  They got comfortable.  This led masses of people to trust reports falsifying Trump quotes, and those that specifically undermined due process to implicate a major Hollywood star as a domestic abuser to support gender politics.

Billionaires love to control multiple media outlets.  Buyouts and takeovers are common.  Editors retire, and senior writers resign.  The free flow of information is more accurately described as a roll of toilet paper in a public restroom.  It's felt up by various individuals — all with their own loads to flush.

In mainstream reporting, clean, concise, compelling stories are what sells.  Sometimes, correctness is thrown into that recipe, but only if it's spicy enough.  Many corporate news entities know they can just retract overreaching statements if threatened with legal action, and they also know that very few people read such retractions, yet people often remember headlines.

There are few news outlets I personally trust, and most of them are free sources that survive off donations and free submissions.  When papers like these can operate without the threat of losing funding or having their ads pulled, they are less influenced by political attacks.

These news entities are more independent and likely to provide diversity of thought than corporate media sources.  While conservative news sites like The Washington Examiner claim that Donald Trump is an unfit leader, and that Republicans will go broke if they are anti-woke, lukewarm conservatives have been paving the path to destruction with socialist compromises for years.  It's the exact reason why the 2016 election turned out the way it did.

I am by no means a President Trump–worshiper.  But my family was much better off under his leadership, and so were my Democrat friends and family members.  People are recognizing that on all sides.  The old GOP needs to take note of this as it plays corporate games.

Americans cannot face more degradation.  We've already watched comfortable elitists allow our schools, military, banking system, and medical industry to inflate spending and abuse those they are supposed to serve.

While plenty of conservative news sites will attack their own for profit or shift focus, the small independent entities have less to gain from doing so.  This follows the conservative model that smaller localized efforts are more successful at representing the people than massive entities, which often grow to epic proportions — which only prove to serve themselves.

Like local governments, local news and independent news networks are not infallible, but they are always more trustworthy.  As we enter the 2022 election season, social media Big Tech giants (like Twitter) have publicly committed to disrupting the free flow of information, and conservatives will likely be their main target.

We cannot allow changes in news staff and political posturing to throw us off course.  The future of our country requires more solid thinking.  We deserve a more clear, concise, compelling, and correct approach, and that is often found in independent news reports.

Jessica is an education news reporter for Go 2 Tutors, homeschooling mother of four, and author of Homeschooling on a Budget.  Her work has been featured by The Epoch Times, The Federalist, The New American, American Thinker, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and many more.

Image: kalhh from Pixabay, Pixabay License, free for commercial use, no attribution required

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