Why Americans needs guns

Do Americans need guns today?  The answer is yes, and for more reasons than one.

An obvious reason is the movement by Biden and the Democrats to defund and weaken our police.  In many Democrat-run cities, the police are hamstrung by bad policies.  Add to that the Soros-backed prosecuting attorneys who don't prosecute.  It's no wonder law-abiding citizens see the true relationship between guns and crime and see the need to be armed.

But there is perhaps another reason why the American people need guns, and that is to help defend our nation if it comes under attack.  People may laugh at a reference to Red Dawn, a movie where a bunch of ragtag teenagers grabbed their guns and fought a guerrilla was against invading Cubans and Russians, but when and if everything is ever on the line, we need every resource we have.  While its authenticity is debated, Admiral Yamamoto was allegedly asked if Japan ever contemplated invading America, to which he allegedly replied, "You cannot invade the mainland United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass."  True statement or not, it does address an advantage we possess.

Every day we see steps that are taking us closer to war with China.  Biden's policies fund the Chinese military and support slavery.  China now has the largest navy in the world, with nearly 500 ships.  By the end of Biden's term, the number of U.S. Navy vessels will be only 280, down from nearly 300 today.

Biden has helped Russia more than he claims Trump did in four years with Biden's approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.  Biden's oil and gas policies have benefited the Russians greatly.  This and feckless foreign policy have made the ruble the strongest currency of the year.

Our military is under attack from within, again to the advantage of our adversaries.  Woke policies are taking their toll.  Our military should not be some kind of politically correct social experiment.  Our very survival is at risk.  As a result, our military, which for so long has been a volunteer force, is now struggling to get recruits.

Now is not the time to disarm America.  American has more guns than people, and most know how to use them.  This is true for two reasons.  The first is the Second Amendment, which guarantees Americans' right to own and bear arms.  The NRA also deserves credit here.  The NRA was founded in 1871 after our Civil War by a former Union officer who was so appalled at the poor marksmanship of the Union soldiers that he took action to encourage and teach civilian marksmanship.  He saw up close the disadvantage of the Union soldiers, who were not used to guns, when they faced the Confederates, who mostly all grew up with guns.  Now is not the time to give away the advantage of an armed citizenry provided by the Second Amendment and the NRA.

The irony of the gun situation is that the all-powerful government the left wants would not even be possible without the Constitution that set up the idea of a federal government to start with.  The Second Amendment was in recognition of what enabled America and its Constitution to come into being and enabled our ancestors to defeat one of the largest militaries on Earth at the time.  When the British saw a movement against their overreaching policies, they first tried to seize the patriots' weapons at Lexington and Concord.  We knew what our disarmament would mean and fought and stopped this attempt at British gun control.  The Founders did not forget this when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Even Hugo Chávez in Venezuela thought that an armed citizenry would help repel and American invasion, and he began looking into to arming one million people in 2006.  However, being the totalitarian he was, in 2012, he, with the help of the U.N., started seizing privately held weapons.

We should fight efforts at gun control with every fiber of our being.  It should not be a partisan issue.  An armed populace should be a tenet of our national defense.

Photo credit: Eli ChristmanCC BY 2.0 license.

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