Whose policies are middle of the road, and whose policies are extreme?

We continually hear that voters who support President Trump are extreme.

What we don't hear about is which policies make them extreme.

Here is one example:

The mini-Trumps are as big a threat to democracy as Trump is

Since this is from the Washington Post, let's just say we are not seeing democracy die in darkness, but rather democratic decline in the light.

Meanwhile, the media rarely describe Democrat candidates as extreme no matter how extreme their destructive policies are.  They are too busy campaigning for them.

Here are several of the things Trump-supporters believe in (I would challenge the media to explain to the public which things are extreme):

That elections should be controlled by the states.  Democrats want federal control.

We are against ballot-harvesting because it makes it much easier to intimidate voters, not to mention cheat.

We are for photo IDs to vote and know that it is easy for everyone of voting age to get an ID, no matter what race he is.  Democrats frequently claim that voter IDs are racist because they always play the race card.  Facts don't matter.

We know that several states violated their own election laws in 2020.  The media and other Democrats don't care.  Laws are flexible to them.

We support the Electoral College and the rights of small states.  People who want to abolish the Electoral College don't care about small states.  They want big states like California to have much greater control of elections than they already have.

We know that on Jan. 6, 2021, when President Trump told protesters to walk peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol, he wasn't encouraging violence.  The media and other Democrats hide this quote from the public because facts don't matter.

Trump clearly wanted the Capitol to stay safe because a few days prior, he authorized National Guard troops to be there.  Sadly, House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer didn't care, and their J-6 committee to "investigate" the matter has no interest in the truth.

We believe that congressional hearings should allow a defense instead of having a pre-determined outcome where the prosecutors, judge, and jury are all the same people.  Evidence is irrelevant when we have Soviet-style hearings.

We believe that the massive number of violent, deadly, and destructive riots by radical leftists from the summer of 2020 deserve hearings and prosecutions.  Sadly, the media and other Democrats don't seem to care, no matter how many deaths and injuries they caused and how many cities they destroyed.

We support Supreme Court justices who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, and the separation of powers.  We support decisions where they correctly rule that legislators are supposed to make laws and major regulations, not the courts and unelected bureaucrats.

We don't support adding members to the Supreme Court as the whiny little babies on the left do when they don't get their way.

We support limits on abortion.  Only extremists support abortion up until the day of birth on demand.

We support giving babies born in a botched abortion health care.  Only evil extremists would withhold health care from vulnerable children and just let them die.

We support the enforcement of immigration laws that Congress has passed.

We oppose lawless sanctuary cities and states who seem to believe they have flexibility on which laws they will abide by.

We sure as heck don't believe in rewarding people who came in illegally with benefits and government IDs.

Biden's DHS Defends Plan to Give IDs to Illegal Aliens Before Release into U.S.

We believe in smaller government, fewer regulations, and lower taxes.

We know that the lower tax rates have helped the economy and have raised record amounts of money for the government.  Why would anyone with a brain propose raising tax rates during a recession, especially when the lower tax rates were raising records amount of money?

We support giving the poor and minorities opportunities to choose what school they go to by giving them vouchers.  Only extremists would require them to attend poorly performing schools at the behest of their political supporters.  Why would anyone want to hold poor and minority children down unless all they cared about was power?

We do not support teaching children that whites are racist and privileged and that other races are oppressed victims.

We believe that the IRS should be used to administer the tax code instead of being used to target political opponents as well as release private tax records as they lobby for higher taxes and more money for themselves.

We believe that IRS employees who violate laws, destroy documents, fail to pay their own taxes, and lie to Congress should be fired or prosecuted.  Sadly, the Justice Department is very political and doesn't care about laws or equal treatment under the law.

We believe that people should have freedom of choice for what health insurance they buy or if they buy it all.  We do not believe that the government should dictate what we buy, which caused prices to skyrocket.

We believe that women should not be forced to compete against men in sports, nor be forced to give up their privacy.  We don't care about pronouns, and we certainly understand that men don't give birth.  In other words, we believe in science.

We do not believe that people should be forced to take a vaccine that doesn't prevent a virus or get fired for avoiding it.

We do not believe that taxpayers should pay off student loans of others.  That gives colleges the incentive to never control their costs.

We believe that if President Trump learned that a politician from a previous administration was lining his family's pockets with kickbacks from foreign countries, it should be investigated.  Sadly, the media and other Democrats impeached him for doing his job.  The leftists clearly don't care about corruption of powerful people like the Bidens and the Clintons, nor does the politicized Justice Department.

We believe that the Justice Department and FBI should do their job instead of targeting and illegally spying on political opponents.  We believe that FBI officials who lied to the FISA court should be prosecuted instead of being above the law.  Merrick Garland's Justice Department is more interested in labeling parents protesting at school board meetings as terrorists than prosecuting criminals.

We do not support D.A.s who let career criminals roam the street and terrorize towns.  We do not support no cash bail laws.  We believe in safety for law-abiding citizens, not protection for criminals.

We supported Trump when he wanted the Wuhan lab investigated.  It is a shame that the media, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other Democrats blocked the investigation by calling it an unproven conspiracy.

We do not support the destruction of the domestic fossil fuel industry and the higher prices it is causing.  We do not support begging the Saudis and others to pump more oil as the Biden administration shuts down our own production in the name of stopping global warming.  Policies should be based on scientific data instead of computer models, theories, and predictions that have been 100% wrong.

We supported Trump's energy policies that gave us reasonably priced energy, low inflation, and energy independence despite a growing economy with high energy demand.

We supported Trump when he punished Iran instead of the Democrats who rewarded Iran for pretending they will be peaceful as they pledge death to America and Israel.

I would challenge the media and other Democrats to look at the above policies and state exactly which ones are extreme and why.  Just repeating something over and over again without supporting details is propaganda.  It's sort of like changing the definition of a recession and calling a bill the "Inflation Reduction Act."

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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