Viral video shows woman building an altar for her at-home abortion

In recent days, one abortion advocate in particular earned her seat at the table with the legions who constitute the culture of death.  Lynsey, a self-identified "abortion doula," runs a business called Self Guided Abortion, exploiting the living victims of the abortion industry and monetizing their acts of child sacrifice.  She offers a "pro-choice support system," and her social media posts provide tips and advice on the best ways to self-perform illegal abortions:

Misoprostol can be seen in the vaginal canal for days after administration. For this reason, buccal/sublingual will protect you from medical/police detection.


Remember there is no way to detect the difference between a miscarriage or elective abortion if a buccal or sublingual administration route is chosen.

She even suggests the mother "write a letter to the baby" who finds himself at the gallows.

However, that's not the worst of it (or perhaps it is).  Back in October of 2021, the YouTube channel Lynsey evidently hosts posted a video to the platform titled "How to build an altar for your mifepristone + misoprostol abortion" — and it's making fresh rounds across social media.  In the six-minute clip, Lynsey shows how she sets up an "altar" at which to commit an abortion.  Her voice and limited lexicon are evocative of a ditzy Valley Girl, lacking meaningful articulation and substance.  She starts by telling the viewer:

Building an altar for your abortion can be a really cathartic procedure, can be a really cathartic process, because it just creates a space for your, your sacred container where you can return to, whenever you want to meditate, whenever you want to think deeply, or contemplate any aspect of your abortion. It's a really beautiful way to just give reverence to the experience, and hold the experience in a really sacred way.

The "sacred container" she references is a glass jar intended to "catch" the "products of conception" and "fetal remains" — the little one's body — after you "pass" them.  She then emphasizes placing the container on a "red cloth."  She adorns her altar with crystals, candles, a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and even the abortion pills.  It's all very ritualistic, satanic, and a complete desecration of what is good and right.

Abortion is a vessel for modern child sacrifice, and it isn't even veiled anymore — they're slaughtering and worshiping out in the open now.  Stigmatized (and rightfully so), a vast majority of abortions occurred in a semi-private manner, whether in a cold and grim medical office or in a bloody mess in a bathroom at home.  Slaughter at the foot of pagan idols never stopped — it's just been redefined and reimagined.

Image: Juan Carlos Fonseca Mata, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (resized for compatibility)

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