Up next: Redefining 'depression'?

Joe Biden and his administration are good at two things: lying and transitioning.  Their latest attempt to redefine the word "recession" is downright scary.  It's obvious that the American economy is "transitioning."  From Trump to Biden, the economy has transitioned from soaring to plummeting.  Like a rock in a handkerchief.

Transitioning to what?  Considering the fact that everything the Bidens touch turns into Milorganite, I suggest that the fabulists around Biden start working on a new definition for "depression."  No, not the deep, dark, sad feeling that we all suffer when contemplating the fact that our country is being run into the ground by an absurd collection of pronoun freaks, cross-dressers, and nincompoops.  That's emotional depression.

Every last person on Earth knows that nothing that Joe Biden touches gets better.  If you think anything that Joe and the Monkeypox Gang will do to the economy will turn out right, you need to get in line behind Blithering Joe and take a mental competency test.  When you do, please hold his hand so he doesn't wander off.  Better count your fingers when you let go.  So where do we go from our current not-recession status? 

With Joe's handlers in charge, only lower and worse.  Does anyone believe that an uptick in the economy is possible with the ridiculous policies of the Bidenite Greenpeace Administration?  Even the Democrats are not stupid enough to let Joe run for re-election in 2024.  Gotta pray that he can't take us ever farther down the path to perdition in the last months of his only term in office.

Through the twisted optics of the pandemic and the Big Guy's disastrous management of it, employment numbers have been providing some small measure of false hope in the economic news.  But the workforce is at a low participation rate, and high prices will soon dampen demand.  Then what?  That's where the d-word comes in.

We've been busy comparing Blithering Joe to Peanut Jimmy when we should be sizing him up next to Warren G. Harding.  Harding was labeled "Wobbly Warren" by the pundits of his day.  And he helped lead us into the Great Depression.  He responded to a question about his conduct in office with this quote: "I am not fit for this office and should never have been here."

The people who load Mumbling Joe's teleprompter should slip a similar sentiment in the machine.  Joe is likely to go ahead and read it and spare us the trauma of having to re-define the word "depression."

Ralph Alter is an art dealer and longtime contributor to American Thinker.

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