Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, Tecate, and other Mexican border cities explode into orgy of cartel violence

Less than 20 miles away from where I'm writing this in San Diego, the next city over is exploding into some kind of Ukraine-like hellscape.

According to local station CBS8:

TIJUANA, Baja California — The United States Consulate General in Tijuana is instructing employees to shelter in place after unrest in the region began on Friday.

The U.S. consulate is warning government employees near Tijuana, Mexicali, Rosarito, Ensenada, Tecate to shelter in place until further notice due to vehicle fires, roadblocks and heavy police activity.

U.S. citizens are being told to avoid the area, seek secure shelter, and monitor local media for updates.

It must be still on the national-news radar as a local story, maybe something that happens all the time, this being Tee Jay.

But it's no local story.  It's the logical consequence of Joe Biden's open borders policy, which has made control of Tijuana and all border cities worth fighting for to Mexico's brutal cartels.  Apparently, three have laid claim to these cities — and they are big ones.  TJ is bigger than San Diego, which is America's sixth largest city, for one, putting these cities under an unprecedented siege.

Here are some Twitter photos.

Cartels don't go to "war" like this unless a lot of money is at stake.  And there is.

Joe Biden's open borders policies have led to a full-blown war zone at the very edge of the U.S., with scenes like these, all because of the money and power at stake.  It's compounded by the Mexican federal government's coddling of cartels.  That's a toxic, explosive mixture that has led to this actual national security crisis.

Why would three cartels set off this level of violence to gain control of Tijuana?  Well, look at the map — Tijuana is the gateway to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Riverside, Las Vegas, Fresno, Sacramento, San Francisco, and beyond, all huge markets of intense interest to Mexican drug-smugglers and human-traffickers.  Biden's dinner triangle to illegal aliens still breaking into the country has led to more than a million illegal border crossings since his administration took office.  With the U.S. no longer controlling its border, cartels have filled the void, collecting some $7,000 per migrant per crossing.  That's a lot of fresh capital for the cartels, even as the States are expected to pick up the tab for the migrants themselves.

The second issue is that this is damn close to the States, and anyone who thinks this level of violence and disorder couldn't possibly spread inside here, what with Joe Biden's open border and its 900,000 "gotaways," is an idiot.  Who does Joe think the gotaways might be?  The cartels are here, and they have been here for years.  Why wouldn't the battle for control of Tijuana not spread to Lancaster, Riverside, San Bernardino, Chula Vista, San Diego proper, Pine Valley, San Pedro, Echo Park, Huntington Park, Southgate, Cudahy, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, San Fernando, Van Nuys, Sun Valley, or East L.A.?  All of these areas have seen significant cartel and illegal alien activity in recent years.

There's a war on now, and while it's obvious enough to those of us staring down this 1990s-like Medellín with our own eyes, Joe Biden's not talking about it.  He's about to sign off on 87,000 new IRS agents to audit us dreadful deplorables, but not a single cent for more Border Patrol agents or ICE agents.  Those agencies have been converted into "processors" and transport agents for illegal aliens, which is ultimately a service for the cartels, which as a result are now richer and more ravenous than ever.

Now the war is on, it's August, and same as Afghanistan, Joe Biden is on vacation.

Perhaps it's just a blow-up that will settle down.  But more likely, something bigger is happening.  Biden can thank himself for setting the series of events in motion.  But ultimately, the bad story will be in his likely head-in-the-sand Afghanistan-like handling of the disaster, which will be more legacy for him.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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