Through the lens of wokeness, Yale moves to abolish proven diagnostics tests

Angela Davis is a professed communist, with a focus on militant Black activism, who coined the phrase, "In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist."  This catchy but superficial slogan has been embraced throughout nearly every American institution, most notably academia.  Unsurprisingly, given Davis's admitted political beliefs, the mantra is quintessential Marxist language.  In the first four words Davis discloses, there is a deep-rooted and egregiously immoral societal issue (racism), so naturally, this requires resolution, which of course could only be done through a radical cultural revolution.  Then we see the lure of a "social justice" cause, with its promise that participation will make the participant morally superior.

And now, Yale University's chief clinical officer, Thomas J. Balcezak, finally caved, allowing emotional wokism to permeate a discipline that ought to be beyond reproach — the Marxian dogma articulated by Davis has completely supplanted documented medical experiences and observable data.

So what is going on?  Well, here is the "short version," according to physicians at Do No Harm: "Yale is ditching a clinically proven kidney diagnostic tool on the grounds that it's racist."

Now the oldest physical copy of a dictionary I happen to have on hand on the moment is a children's dictionary from the year 2000, and it offers two definitions for racism:

  1. Belief that certain races of people are by birth and nature superior to others
  2. Discrimination or hatred based on race

Worth noting, is that the context of both of these definitions requires a thinking mind — inanimate objects cannot hold beliefs or hatreds, nor do they partake in biases.  So how can a diagnostic test possibly be racist?

Well, when all information is filtered through a lens of dogmatic leftism, the result is inverted truth and morality — biological sex is a social construct, men can get pregnant, love is love, and insentient objects can harbor hatred and discriminate against non-White people.

Now, here's the "long version":

Yale is abandoning a test that physicians have used for decades to diagnose and manage chronic kidney disease, which afflicts millions of Americans. The test was designed according to the highest ethical and evidence-based standards. Crucially, the test automatically changes its finding for African American patients by 15%. That reflects real-world clinical experience, which has decisively proven that African Americans have a consistently higher level of the chemical compound the test measures.

For those who scream about racial oppression, you'd think the implementation of ancillary methods to avoid non-detection of a fatal disease would be appreciated.  But not for leftists.  They're so consumed by their intellectual dishonesty, they're actually condemning the very people for whom they think they're advocating.  How many Black Americans will die because of the leftist medical community's failure?

Image: David Mark from Pixabay, Pixabay License, free for commercial use, no attribution required

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