They don't just dislike us; they hate us

If someone spits on you, calls you horrible names, and wants you executed, what would be your reaction?  Would you think he likes you?  Would you think he wants to discuss world events to hear what you have to say?  Or is it more likely he despises you, hates you, wants nothing to do with you, and cares nothing about your thoughts, your opinions, or what you have to say? 

I ask these questions not as hypotheticals; I ask because hatred and the desire for an execution are what the Democrats are openly displaying about not just Trump, but conservatives and Republicans.  I'm not making this up.  The very upper echelons of the Democrat party are saying what we've long suspected.  They don't just dislike us; they hate us.  

Realize that this is not a recent phenomenon, as in OMG, they're now calling us names.  No, the Dems' animosity toward conservatives goes back decades (probably longer). 

Recall, in 2008, that then–presidential candidate Barack Obama said white, working-class Americans were "bitter" and "cling to their guns and religion."  He made that pejorative statement to belittle those who didn't worship him or didn't get "a thrill up their leg." 

In 2012, while trying to scare a black audience, Joe Biden said: "They [meaning Republicans] are going to put y'all back in chains."  (Please, someone tell Joe that it was his Democrat forebears who kept Blacks in chains.)

Then, in 2016, Hillary Clinton said you could put Trump-supporters into what she called a "basket of deplorables.  They're racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it."  Does that sound as though Obama or Hillary likes you or me?

Barack, Biden, and Hillary didn't actually use the word "hate" when talking about us "flyover country" folk, but that's what they meant.  They all said exactly what Dems have long thought about us small-town citizens — we're a bunch of rural hicks, not smart enough, elegant enough, or elite enough to gallivant about seeking sybaritic pleasures in places like New York City; Los Angeles; Boston; or Washington, D.C. and not sophisticated (or connected) enough to get into Yale, Stanford, Amherst, or any of their other snooty institutes of indoctrination. 

The question we conservatives often ask is, why do Obama, Hillary, Biden, and their millions of supporters feel this way?  Why do they hate conservatives, Republicans, and (since 2015) Donald Trump?  They've had their hostility for years, but it's been on steroids since Trump came down the escalator in 2015

The answer is found in the Dems' own words — Trump is evil; he's Hitler; he's an authoritarian; he's a tyrant; we're bitter; we're deplorables; we're racist; and we're sexist.  Mind you, the Dems make those claims with zero evidence.  "You're an authoritarian [or Hitler] because we say you are and that makes you contemptible, deplorable, and a racist."  If someone truly believes that another person is Hitler (or a wannabe dictator), what wouldn't he do to keep that person from being elected?  Answer: nothing.  Dems are doing, and will do, whatever it takes to keep conservatives (and Trump) from elected office.

As hateful as Obama, Biden, and Hillary are of conservatives (and Trump), it gets much worse. 

Last week, Sam Harris, an influential über-leftist podcaster, actually said that it's good the that Dems conspired/stole/rigged the 2020 election because by so doing, they prevented President Trump from winning.  See here:

In a case of destroying something in order to save it, to paraphrase a famous quote from the Vietnam War, Harris claimed that Trump is a threat to democracy and must be defeated at any cost — that even if dead bodies (i.e., murder victims) were found in Biden's basement, that wouldn't have been reason enough to keep Dems from voting for Biden.  For Dems, the end justifies the means.  Translation: Every means must be used, to include breaking the law (such as rigging elections), to stop Trump.  Thus, the conspiracy against Trump was completely warranted.  Harris admitted that Dems fully approve of the exact tactics and actions they claimed Trump would use (though he never did).  Harris said the Dems' and media's conspiracy (watch from 31:00 to 40:00) to get Biden elected was necessary and employed all means to prevent Trump from winning. 

OK, Harris is an influential, leftist philosopher.  So what?  Turns out Dems agree with him. 

First off, no Dem so far has disagreed with anything he said or condemned his words.  Democrats have been silent because they agree with him.  Remember how Dems screamed "silence is violence"? 

Second, Edward Luce, editor of the Financial Times, tweeted, "I've covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world over my career.  Have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today's Republicans.  Nothing close."  Luce's comment was strongly supported by fellow leftists and Dems (I repeat myself).  As with Harris, no Dem disagreed with Luce.

Just to be clear, Luce is saying that you Trump-supporters, you who put America first, you who want the border enforced, you pro-lifers, you First and Second Amendment–supporters, and you supporters of law and order are more dangerous, and more contemptible, than al-Qaeda, which killed 3,000 people on 9/11; than ISIS, the radical Muslims who behead Christians; than communist China, which released COVID onto the world and which holds millions of its citizens in laogai prison camps; than North Korea, which stockpiles nuclear weapons and threatens our northern Pacific allies; and more dangerous than Iran, whose mullahs want to annihilate Israel while financing worldwide terrorism. 

Perhaps the best proof of the left's/Dems' contempt and hatred for conservatives comes from Michael Hayden, retired four-star general and former NSA director and CIA director.  In response to Luce's comment, Hayden said, "I agree [with Luce].  And I was the CIA Director."  Think about it: the former director of one of the two most powerful intelligence agencies in the world, admitted he hates Republicans, that they are the most dangerous and contemptible ideology in the world.  Again, not the old Soviet Union, not Russia today, not al-Qaeda, not communist China, and not ISIS — it's supporters of Trump, DeSantis, and Kemp.  Hayden went even farther and agreed that Trump should receive the same treatment (i.e., execution) as did the Rosenbergs.

Hayden was one of the fifty-one "intelligence officials" who, before the 2020 election, published a letter claiming that Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation.  That letter was a lie.  Hunter's laptop contained damning evidence against Joe Biden; Hayden knew it did but lied anyway.  Hayden and his cohorts of intel buddies are the epitome of Deep State swamp creatures who compromised their character, integrity, and morals to keep Dems in power.

How deep does the Dems' hatred go?  We're about to find out because Biden, the Deep State, and the Dems just authorized 87,000 more IRS agents to show who's really in charge of Washington.  It's certainly not the Constitution or "We the People" — it's they, and they're about to prove it.

Image: Screen shot from video posted by Triggernometry via YouTube.

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