There is a method to the meaningless, banal madness of Kamala's speech

In old Hollywood movies about politicians, back in the days when the movies did not want to alienate their audiences by being openly partisan, they would put high-flown words in the mouths of political characters, words that seemed to say much but, when parsed, said nothing at all.  Kamala Harris is not a character from one of those movies.  Her words are not high-flown, and they don't seem to say much at all.  They sound like nothing, and they say nothing.  Daniel Greenfield has figured out the origin of her particular gibberish: she is the modern amalgam of old-time corporate speak, academese, and new-age banalities.

Corporate-speak got its start in the 1950s.  At the risk of exposing myself as a true old movie geek, I was reminded of this just the other day when scanning TCM's offerings, one of which was It's Always Fair Weather.  This is a really bad Gene Kelly movie about three war buddies who have a reunion years later, only to discover that they'd all changed for the worse.  One of the scenes shows the Dan Dailey character quite drunk at an office party when he suddenly realizes that nobody is saying anything at all; they're just speaking office cant:

Corporate speak has only gone downhill in the 67 years since then, and Kamala Harris, without any music to help her out, is the avatar of this kind of meaningless, obfuscatory nonsense.  Or as Daniel Greenfield writes:

Biden's malapropisms and asides are unique, but Kamala isn't likely to call someone a "lying dog-faced pony soldier". Instead she speaks in the familiar argot of woke bureaucrats who mix "stakeholders", "impactful", "commitment", "awareness" and "transformative" together in some random order and call it a sentence.

This language doesn't have an official name, but the combination of academic constructs, business buzzwords, and 'therapyspeak' expressions has taken over the HRs of every major company and is the language in which the 99.9% of useless government bureaucrats speak internally. It's natural that Kamala would have picked it up, but she never unlearned it, or learned any other language and so she is incapable of making herself understood to the people.

Like Orwell's Newspeak, Kamala's native language is meant to defeat communication. It's impossible to express anything clearly and plainly in a tongue that consists of ambiguities that signal virtue rather than explain what they are after. Soon adjectives become verbs and verbs become adjectives. Untangling it is difficult enough when it's written down, but a teleprompter recitation of strings of cliches tangled with general assertions that never add up to anything is impossible. Yet tens of thousands of such events are held everyday in which the participants are subjected to an hour of this nonsense which, no matter how many 10 AM whiskeys you've had, never start making any sense. And Kamala is a capable practitioner of this difficult language.

And now, here's the proof behind that analysis:

It's chilling to realize that this woman is just a 25th Amendment away from the Oval Office.

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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