The Smithsonian opens a new exhibit on Latin America, but leaves out the main players

No less than one week after a Marxist mob came for the president of the American Historical Association for his belief that historians ought to stick to the realm of objectivity rather than social justice, it now emerges that The Smithsonian National Museum of American History is bucking tradition in favor or leftist activism.

In a new exhibit covering Latin America, the museum neglected to include some of the most well known histories.  According to a piece published by El American, the opening parts of the exhibit address the "the brutality of European colonization, slavery, and the heroic resistance of the indigenous peoples," while also failing to mention the "brutality" of the human sacrifice rituals (which often included children) that were commonplace in ancient Aztec and Mayan culture.

Yet the Ministry of Truth didn't stop there and also scrubbed the exhibit of provocative figures like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, and Daniel Ortega, tossing all evidence of their despotic regimes down the Memory Hole.  As described by one journalist, there was "no trace" of these men throughout the displays.  Historians censoring history seems nefarious, so what could be the reason?

Well, they're all Marxists, and the implementation of that ideology in government and policy has left legacies of unmitigated murder.  How can academia indoctrinate the masses to favor leftwing doctrines, if the academics tell the truth?  Never mind the death squads and extrajudicial executions — Marxism is "for the people."  It just "hasn't been done right."

An author for the Harvard Political Review even once characterized Chávez's tyranny as a "bold, unique governing style," which "came at the cost of the rights of his political opponents[.]"  While technically accurate, the language is euphemistic and would be better worded as "innocent civilians paid for Chávez's iron-fisted rule with their blood."

As a broad generalization, the historical profession has abdicated its role of chronicler.  No longer do American academic institutions faithfully relay series of events; rather, they seek to sanitize history to shelter left-wing political philosophies, and the truth is quite inconvenient for such an agenda.

Image: Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay, Pixabay License, free for commercial use, no attribution required

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