The left is destroying the family one sexualized child at a time

Why would important, sophisticated, secure, even insanely wealthy individuals on the Left want to destroy Americans’ family lives? This is not a theoretical issue because the woke goal of family destruction may, in the end, afflict millions of innocent people. The reason behind this goal seems to be to clean up what the left identifies as the world’s excess of human flotsam. The preferred method is to sexualize children.

The default condition for humanity is and always has been the family, due in no small part to hormones and pheromones. The family also means safety. The nuclear family, though persistently imperfect, has always been and remains today the safest place for both children and adults.

The Left’s preferred method for destroying the family is to sexualize children very early. If children can be taught early that they can drink the milk for free, they will not have to buy the cow. In other words, adults raised under loosened standards of sexual conduct will not feel required to assume the responsibilities of raising a family.

Image: A little boy “drag queen” interviewing a drag queen. YouTube screen grab.

In America, the continued breakdown of sexual barriers will reduce the number of children being born and cared for until our population becomes the victim of complete cultural exhaustion. Various crises that will result from a decrease in birth rate, which is just fine for the deep Left, will have profoundly negative consequences for regular people about whom the left does not care. These consequences can already be seen in places like Russia, China, Japan, Korea, and Western Europe.

Indeed, all societies that have diverged from the path of nuclear or extended family life have disappeared within a few generations—from Sparta to the Soviet Union. The same will happen today to populations that no longer gain pleasure from the presence of children among them. In these cultures, excessive sexualization has come to dominate life. The erasure of reasonable boundaries to sexual behavior within the family and general society creates overarching permissions that have led to all sorts of abuse, suffering, and despair (along with disease).

The brilliant deviousness of using the family against itself helps to destroy the institution. To understand this concept, begin by envisioning how easy it is to destroy a cell by allowing a virus to enter. Once in the nucleus, the virus reproduces itself to the point that the cell wall breaks down and releases virus particles that again take up residence in uninfected cells. Eventually, without the necessity of entering all the cells, the virus will kill the host body.

Promoting early sexuality in children and then sending them back into what was a non-sexual environment (i.e., home) places pressure on the parents (and siblings) that was not present before. Children explore their sexuality. Exploring with siblings or parents will increase family tensions. In the most vulnerable population, a sexualized child may be forced out of the family or worse, create damaging situations within the family (e.g., sibling incest).

In the 1920s, for example, Soviet efforts to “reform” the nuclear family led to hundreds of thousands of street children involved in crime, prostitution, and drugs. Today’s Russia still has not recovered from the effects of those early experiments. If the goal is to destroy the family, sexualizing the children will help in reaching that goal.

In America, leftists “educate” children to accept sexual content in their lives as though it were normal. In the name of freedom, children are being exposed to erotic images and encouraged to engage in sexualized behavior.

We must forcefully remind ourselves that a key feature of civilization is the exclusion of sexual promiscuity among family members (what used to be called incest), as well as preventing promiscuity between children and adults outside the family. Unfortunately, the battle is mostly lost for today’s generation of children because everyone knows that no one can ‘un-see’ something that has already been seen.

The irony of all of this is that, even without this sustained attack on the family, the progressives’ actions in the service of reducing the world population are overkill given that depopulation is now well underway in many countries. Now that abortion, contraception, and homosexuality can be counted upon to reduce the birthrate, the Left seems to want to go further and enlist children in their fight against fertility and family.

To halt civilizational decline, we require another approach although, sadly, nothing seems to be forthcoming. Nothing guarantees the rationality of human behavior. What has taken millions of years to develop can be destroyed by accident (read: stupidity when we are dealing with people). The future has always been opaque. We should already have known from the study of history that caution is necessary at every turn, but we don’t do that anymore. Revolution has never looked like evolution and never will.

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