The latest smear on Trump: He can't find a respectable lawyer to defend him

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall ... have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

[T]he Supreme Court has ruled that the right to counsel implies the right to an effective lawyer. 

Cornell Legal Information Institute

The latest smear of Donald Trump being fabricated by many on the left is that he cannot find any respectable lawyer to represent him. trumpets that 

[a]ll the respectable lawyers are] saying 'No' [so that] Trump is driven to hire a Florida insurance lawyer ... The most visible Trump attorney has been Christina Bobb ... [whose] federal legal experience is largely limited to a handful of trademark infringement cases on behalf of CrossFit. ... Trump's Florida-based lawyer is Lindsey Halligan, an insurance lawyer that handles residential and commercial claims but has never handled a federal case. ... Trump's attorney in the document's investigation is Alina Habba, who ... previously worked as general counsel at a parking garage company.

Salon even gleefully quotes disbarred felon Michael Cohen, presumably because of his impeccable moral reputation: "In olden days, [Trump] would tell firms representing him was a benefit because they could advertise off it.  Today it's not the same," because "[h]e's a very difficult client" who "wants you to do things that are not appropriate, ethically or legally."  Recall that many on the left were thrilled when Cohen turned on Trump because "he knew where all the bodies were buried."  Unfortunately, Cohen failed to dig up any bodies.

Bess Levin of Vanity Fair, in an article that simply repeats many of the accusations in the Salon article, gushes that "Donald Trump is in a whole bunch of legal trouble."  After listing many unproven accusations against Trump, but somehow forgetting to mention all the past legal accusations against Trump that turned out to be hoaxes concocted and sometimes paid for by his political opponents, Bess, in order to remind everyone how low Vanity Fair has sunk, states that "[w]hile the Trump of the '80s would've been able to round up a legal team despite his reputation for being an a------, it seems that is no longer the case."

The point of such articles in what passes for our "news" media is that Trump is such a morally flawed and dangerous person that all the respectable lawyers are afraid their reputation would be hurt just by defending him.  Respectable lawyers are even willing to defend terrorist mass-murdering child-killers like Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who enjoyed fine legal representation by a large team composed of Timothy Watkins, William Fick, David Bruck, Judy Clarke, and Miriam Conrad, but Trump is so much worse than mass-murdering terrorists that they are afraid it will ruin their reputations to represent him.  Yes, of course, that makes sense, at least in the liberals' mansions on Martha's Vineyard.

These hyperbolic claims parallel the extremist language used by General Michael Hayden, who recently implied in a tweet that Trump should be "executed" for taking nuclear secrets to Mar-a-Lago and that the GOP is the greatest threat to the United States right now.  That is, the greatest threat to the United States right now is not the communist Chinese government, the murderous nuclear-armed North Korean regime, or the Iranian regime that funds terrorists worldwide and pursues nuclear weapons, but the leader of the GOP, Donald Trump, who, in his final year as president, 2020, had the inflation rate at 1.4%, illegal immigration at the southern border down to a trickle, North Korea persuaded to stop doing nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile tests, the Abraham Accords that gave new hope for peace in the Middle East, and so much more.  That Donald Trump, who had accomplished so much in his four years as president even while being harassed and sabotaged by people in the what passes for our "news" media and in both parties, should be executed?  The GOP the greatest threat?  Really, Michael?

Whenever one observes such unhinged language being used against a political figure, common sense dictates that one pause and ask: What are the interests and agendas of the people speaking in such shrill voices?  The fact that certain hysterics have not put forward sober, fact-based criticisms of Trump, but have, quite ridiculously, made Trump sound like Hitler, and in the process made his 74 million voters in the 2020 election sound like supporters of Hitler, should make one ask what is really going on here.  What precisely about Trump's core promise to "Make America Great Again" has these people so unhinged (unless they are anti-American)?  It's not as if the Trump family got at least 31 million dollars from China and refuses to talk about it.  Could it be that these anti-Trump people are so shrill because their own money and power are threatened by Trump's pro-American agenda?  A real "journalist," if one can still find one, would at least ask these questions and not merely parrot the Democrat-media storyline.

A real journalist would also ask if there might be another explanation why Trump is finding it hard to obtain top-level legal representation.  In fact, Alan Dershowitz (Harvard J.D.) self-identified liberal Obama, Hillary, and Biden voter, does have a different interpretation that has not, apparently, ever occurred to any of these geniuses and "journalists" — namely, that after he represented Trump in his Senate impeachment trial, he was "blacklisted" (Dershowitz's word).

[I] lost job opportunities and many speaking engagements. [Many first- rate lawyers] say their law firms won't let them do it. Their husbands or wives won't let them do it. Their children won't let them do it. Their friends won't let them do it, even though they want to do it.

Respectable lawyers "want" to represent Trump, but they are afraid that they will be "blacklisted" just like Dershowitz if they do it.  Don't the Democrats usually try to promote the impression that since they are so tolerant, they are against blacklisting of the sort practiced by their anti-communist nemesis, Joe McCarthy?

One must remember who is making these hysterical criticisms of Trump.  In 2013, Salon praised the socialist "economic miracle" in Venezuela, but that was before the more recent miracle of Venezuelans being forced to eat their dogs, cats, goldfish, and trees in order to survive.  No apologies from Salon for all the dead people.  A partial list of Michael Hayden's accomplishments includes being accused of lying to Congress about the  CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques, drone strikes on vehicles with little evidence of connection to terrorism (perhaps just a family going out to dinner), and supporting warrantless illegal spying on domestic targets, thereby violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. 

What Salon, Vanity Fair and others are celebrating is that Trump is being denied his constitutional rights to effective legal representation — not because he is Hitler, but because of intimidation of lawyers by his political opponents.  Typically, the left perpetrates an injustice by its thuggery and then blames the victim for it.  Thus, what these "journalists" are gleefully celebrating is an attack on our Constitution to benefit their own political agenda.  Real patriots!

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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