The IRS sequel to Lois Lerner will be extra-ugly

In the most recent budget bill, the Democrats have added billions to fund 87,000 new IRS agents.  There is a lot of speculation about why, and I will add mine.  Conservatives have to figure this out now.  If conservative leaders get caught unprepared again for the real agenda, everyday Americans will pay the price.

Let's go back in our time machine to 2010 — yes, the Obama/Biden administration 1.0, and let's remember someone called Lois Lerner.  She weaponized the IRS against conservative groups that were opposing the president's agenda.  People and groups were delayed their  tax filing  status and information needed to properly register their organizations until after the 2012 election.  In delaying the applications, the IRS agents asked for overly broad information and inappropriate information to slow down the process further.  It worked.  It slowed some of the opposition to President Obama's 2012 re-election, and he won.

I see parallels now.  The Obama/Biden Administration 2.0 seems to be gearing up for a similar but enhanced situation, only this time, instead of the Tea Party, I predict they intend to come after all opposition to the regime.

  • Who is the opposition?
  • Americans opposed to the agenda.
  • Parents opposed to CRT in schools.
  • Parents opposed to the new gender identity curriculum.
  • Parents opposed to mask mandates in the schools.
  • Parents opposed to shot requirements for children.
  • Americans opposed to destroying the economy.
  • Americans opposed to the imposed regulations that are destroying our supply chain.
  • Americans opposed to destroying the agricultural sector of our economy.
  • Americans opposed to the imposition of DEI in the professional communities — for example, the legal, medical, and scientific communities.
  • Americans who just oppose being lied to about just about everything.
  • Americans who are being vilified for exercising the First Amendment right to speak out.
  • Americans opposed to the use of Big Tech to silence opposition.

I could go on for pages.

Do you see the theme here? If there was just an attempt to repeat the Obama/Biden 1.0 tactics, the IRS would not need to expand just to slow down registrations of new entities.  But they will need armed agents prepared to use deadly force to go after parents who are "fighting" for their parental rights, and the numbers of individuals to be targeted is much higher than it was in 2010.  There are more citizen-activists fighting for basic parental rights and fundamental human rights than there were Tea Party activists in 2010.  

The administration tried to weaponize the FBI against parents, and that did not play well even with the democratic base.  My prediction, therefore, is that we see a return to enhanced Obama/Biden 1.0 tactics, and we see the IRS used to destroy and damage the political enemies of the agenda.  

Without an actual crime, the IRS has more broad investigative power than the FBI.  The IRS can investigate and keep people occupied locating documents, and explaining expenses, for weeks, months, years.  And with the threat of an armed response from the IRS, Obama/Biden 2.0 can expect little opposition in preparation for 2024.

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is a patriot who can understand and explain advanced math and science and is worried about the state of the nation and how to solve the problems we face.  United we stand, divided we fall.

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