The FBI classes constitutional American values and images as violent extremism

Yesterday, Project Veritas published a leaked internal FBI document in which the FBI sets out the hallmarks of suspected "militia violent extremists."  Unsurprisingly, in Joe Biden's America, those indicia significantly overlap with broadly-held, longstanding conservative values.

The Project Veritas post reprints a two-page document that rejoices under the following heading:




Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide

(U//LES) Militia Violent Extremism

In other words, the document is intended to alert agents to the symbols and words associated with "Militia Violent Extremism" (MVE).  The image on the Project Veritas website is smudgy, but Project Veritas helpfully identifies what the FBI tells its agents to be on the lookout for.

A common "symbol" shows "2A" (for Second Amendment) above the silhouette of a pistol.  The FBI handout helpfully explains that "MVEs justify their existence with the Second Amendment, due to the mention of a 'well regulated Militia,' as well as the right to bear arms."

In the section entitled "commonly references historical imagery or quotes," we are told that the following are symbols of military violence: the Gadsden Flag, Revolutionary War imagery, the Liberty Tree, and the Betsy Ross flag.  All of these are standard historic tropes that have been proudly shown in America for 250 years.  The FBI also contends that caring about Ashli Babbitt is a sign that a person is a potential Militia Violent Extremist.

You can see larger images at the Project Veritas site.

It's true that, just as "the Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose," people intent upon evil can drape themselves in the indicia of American liberty.  However, this FBI cheat sheet seems to be going the extra mile to turn traditional American iconography into symbols of evil.

Thus, in terms of identifying potentially violent militia groups and members, the FBI could have focused solely on images tied tightly to one group or another.  Most extremist groups, whether left or right, have created logos unique to their organization.

Instead, the FBI chose to focus on traditional American images — the Betsy Ross flag, the Liberty Tree, etc. — that have been embraced by hundreds of millions of Americans over the centuries and are revered as symbols of liberty to the present day.  According to the FBI, though, they must be interpreted according to the tiny minority of people inclined to violence.

Likewise, the FBI is intent upon criminalizing support for the Second Amendment, the only right so important that it got an amendment all to itself.  It would also have us believe that only violent extremists are troubled by the fact that a Capitol Police officer murdered a woman in cold blood without getting so much as a black mark on his record.

Think about it: on the one hand, the Biden government is aggressively normalizing so-called transgenderism, sexually grooming children, erasing borders, pretending we can "change" the Earth's climate, and dividing people by race.  On the other hand, the Biden administration is equally aggressively criminalizing the ideas and iconography of America since its inception.

I'm troubled.  You should be, too.

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