The FBI and its media allies scramble to justify the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid

After considerable public pressure, missing-in-action U.S. attorney general Merrick Garland finally addressed the media yesterday, saying he "personally approved the decision" for the FBI to execute a search warrant at President Trump's residence at Mar-a-Lago.  Garland declined to provide details about the investigation, such as what the documents retrieved by the FBI were.

Reading from his text, Garland piously intoned:

Faithful adherence to the rule of law is the bedrock principle of the Justice Department and of our democracy. Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor. Under my watch, that is precisely what the Justice Department is doing.

Following claims of honor, morality, and legal egalitarianism, Garland's FBI then leaked information to the Washington Post, a notorious Democrat mouthpiece, proving in itself that the agency had been politicized and compromised, and not for the first time.

The WaPo reported that the FBI was looking for classified documents related to nuclear weapons during their raid.  The sources were obviously anonymous.  It's unclear what type of documents the FBI claimed to be seeking or if they pertained to nuclear weapons belonging to the U.S. or other countries.

The FBI also claim that their agents killed a shooter in Ohio on Thursday who allegedly tried to force his way into the bureau's Cincinnati office.

The WaPo is claiming that the Ohio shooter, a man named Ricky Shiffer, had "possible ties to extremist groups, including the Proud Boys, whose leaders are accused of helping launch the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol."  They also claimed that Shiffer told his followers on Truth Social that he was "ready for combat" after the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago.  They are even claiming the shooter called upon his followers to "kill the F.B.I. on sight."

The Washington Post, however, could not confirm whether the account actually belonged to Shiffer.

Garland defended FBI agents as "dedicated, patriotic public servants" and said he would not "stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked. ... They do so at great personal sacrifice and risk to themselves."

So clearly, the spin will be two-tiered.

The first is that Trump stole nuclear weapons–related documents.

The second is that Trump-supporters are domestic terrorists preventing the FBI from doing their job.

So let's look at the nuclear documentation claim first.

The preposterous claim by the WaPo was fleshed out on social media.  The implication is that Trump is in possession of the nuclear codes, which could enable him to launch a nuclear attack.

If Trump were a war-monger like his predecessors, he would have started a new conflict or escalated an existing conflict when he was president.  But quite the opposite occurred: during Trump's tenure, he attempted to reduce foreign troops abroad and got the U.S. involved in no new wars or military conflicts whatsoever.  Trump also managed to strike a peace plan in the Middle East between Israel and many Muslim countries such as the UAE and Bahrain.

Now about the nuclear codes.

The nuclear codes are deactivated when a president completes his tenure ahead of the presidential transition.  Hence, Trump's nuclear codes ceased to be functional after Jan. 20, 2021.  Let's go many steps farther and assume the ridiculous premise that the codes were active.  The launch of a nuclear attack requires a multi-step authentication process, and the actual nuclear missiles are launched by the armed forces.  This makes the claim of Trump launching a nuke attack a laughable impossibility.

Some are claiming that Trump may have intended to sell the material to foreign powers.  Let's assume that were true.  The question is, why did the FBI take 18 long months before conducting a raid relating to a matter of such national importance?

Normally, such conspiracy theories on social media deserved to be ignored.  But the modern Democrat media operate solely on conspiracy theories emanating from anonymous or spurious sources, so they are mentioned and debunked.

So what possible advantages does this narrative have?

Since it is about nukes, then the FBI can redact key portions of the supporting documents of the warrant, claiming that they pertain to matters of national security.  This enables the hoax to continue.

A presidential historian who works for NBC invoked the Rosenberg spies, who were convicted of leaking U.S. nuclear secrets to the KGB and were executed in June 1953.

A retired general and a former director of the CIA and the NSA agreed:

This is the ultimate murderous Democrat fantasy, since they cannot defeat Trump electorally.

This has been the standard Democrat operation playbook.  Concoct a conspiracy theory such as Trump-Russia collusion or Trump stealing nuclear documents.  Keep the details vague.  Largely rely on innuendo and rhetorical questions.  Next, drive the narrative several light-years ahead, talking about the death penalty and treason.  Those who challenge the authenticity of the premise can also be called enemy agents or traitors.

As president, Trump had the authority to declassify any classified material in the government's possession.

 But facts are the first casualty in such spurious Democrat hoaxes.

Documentation about nuclear weapons is especially sensitive and usually restricted to a small number of government officials.  Publicizing details about U.S. weapons could provide an intelligence roadmap to adversaries seeking to build ways of countering those systems — an act of treason.

The rumor enables the FBI to justify scouring Trump's private office, breaking storage safes, and rummaging through the former first lady's wardrobe.

They may also demand a probe that will continue after the January 6 probe comes to an end following the midterms.  If the GOP attempts to shut down the probe, Republicans will be called traitors, and perhaps the likes of Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney will protect the probe, which could carry on through 2024.  The goal is to make the process a punishment.  Keep probes going on, and keep leaking "shocking details" to the media.

Now let's look at the Democrat claim that the Ohio shooter was an enraged Trump-supporter.

The purpose of this claim is obviously propagandistic.  It would enable the FBI to promote their White supremacist, domestic terrorist, and extremist MAGA narrative, to start.  

If Trump-supporters conduct peaceful protests against the FBI overreach, the protesters will be accused of being neo-Nazis or shouting racist slogans.  Worse, a shady Ray Epps kind of rogue provocateur-informant may infiltrate the group and either incite or commit violence for which Trump can be blamed.  This is a continuation of the January 6 "insurrection" narrative.

Since they claim the shooter posted on Trump's social media site Truth Social, it also gives them an excuse to control the new and fastest-growing social platform that truly allows free expression.  It probably gives them an excuse to shut it down and hence silence Trump's voice again after the coordinated social media de-platforming.

The Washington Post report, devoid of any provable facts and derived from anonymous sources, is a disgrace and should have been rejected at the earliest stage of editorial approval.  Since the FBI haven't countered the claims made by the WaPo, that means they approve of its content.

When the agencies and the media that are meant to function as watchdogs of the powerful devolve into willing lap dogs of the establishment, it is an emergency.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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