The Eutopians want our obedience

I have noticed that our culture is filled with newly uneducated people, if education is viewed as the accumulated learning of history, math, literature, thought, and functional independent living.  Only yesterday, people who went to college learned how to support themselves, how to treat and counsel others, how to build things, write things, how to interpret what they read, how to talk to other people for comity's sake, and how to build secure families.  But the Eutopians* are pounding their spears on our borders.

Students once learned the classics in order to glean valuable life lessons from them.  They learned who the heroes were.  They learned why the Bible is the source of our laws.  They learned how to debate in order to present a rational argument to an opponent.  They learned the law, medicine, engineering, technology, and government.  They learned the right way to speak to people, to conduct business, to create personal wealth and well-being for themselves and their families.  They learned honor, decency, decorum, patriotism, and the sacred.  Not so long ago, an education educated.

Today, the left have forsaken education in favor not simply of indoctrination, but of destruction and the creation of an American communist state.  The young leftists in particular are learning to destroy American history, culture, and exceptionalism.  This is a deliberate attempt by Great Resetters who want to create Eutopia — a one-world culture that consists of people who are not educated about history.  These student-victims cannot help but repeat it.

The Eutopians are the Zuckerbergs, Dorseys, Schwabs, Finks, Kendis, Hanna-Joneses, and the entirety of the denizens of Davos.  What they want for all of us is for colleges to no longer teach, but to devote themselves entirely to tearing down what made America great, and in its place create a Eutopia, in which no borders exist, all property is controlled by an oligarchy, all means of production is government-run, and all leftover wealth (after they take theirs) is distributed to everyone else in equal measure, thereby eliminating any need to get educated or to get jobs and support oneself and one's family.  Families, it should be noted, are among the primary targets of the Eutopians.  It is all a vicious anti-individualist, soul-destroying, hopeless plan that would result in rule by brute force and economic confiscation.

The Eutopians selling this mangy dog to many young, impressionable students whose default position tends to be partying, sloth, unlimited and uncommitted sex, demonstrating, protesting, but never, ever hard work and never, ever for oneself.  One must be part of the Collective if one wants to be in the in crowd.

A giant step was taken last week toward the elimination of all opposing thought.  Joe Biden called supporters of Donald Trump's program "semi-facists" and "a threat to our very democracy."  He is not the first.  There is a recent and disturbing trend among high-profile people to paint conservatives as enemies of the State.  By painting them so, any method to get rid of them is acceptable.  They have raised the temperature of the pot by quantum leaps while denying that they are doing so.

The Eutopians refuse to educate, favoring instead to take advantage of the default state of mankind: its proclivity toward anger and vitriol.  Who better to play right into this agenda than young people who are uneducated but extremely well versed in anger and vitriol, having been coached by "trained Marxists" like Patrisse Cullors and the rest of the race-baiters?

While we are closely watching the Mar-a-lago fiasco and the Hunter laptop messes, the American Marxists among us are forming Eutopia, with themselves at the helm, generously funded by the Davos divas.  While we are watching Mar-a-Lago, plans are probably afoot to pack SCOTUS, to eliminate the filibuster, to steal another election, and to confiscate guns.

The Eutopians have a plan: you semi-fascists get just enough stuff to keep you quiet, and they get everything else.  You have no rights, and the FBI army can raid your private home for any reason at any time.  (See "Lago, Mar-a.")

Eutopia is America in just a few years if it isn't stopped.

* Because "Utopia" has been overused to describe an impractical scheme for social improvement, I am coining a new word, "Eutopia", to describe with sarcasm what the Great Resetters truly believe is a good (Eu) scheme they really believe will work but is just as useless.

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