The Democrats' laughable attempt to blame Trump for the COVID vaccines' shortcomings

It is a given that politicians take credit for others' successes while they blame others for their own failures.  That's the way the game is played.

However, when a blatant falsehood is proclaimed, one expects the fourth estate — i.e., the news media and the government agencies, which are supposed to be apolitical — to step in and state what is factual.

Alas, the mainstream media function as a willing propaganda wing for the Democrats while the leadership of most agencies has been hijacked by the Democrats.

The result is that Democrat lies are never challenged.  In fact, the lies are amplified to such an extent that they become their truth.  When the Democrats refer to post-truth, it is they who have pioneered this shameful era.

The best way to comprehend Democrat thinking is to read their mouthpieces, such as the Washington Post.

The following is a key excerpt from an article that appeared in the WaPo:  

Trump officials repeatedly stalled the Food and Drug Administration's plan to extend safety studies of coronavirus vaccines in fall 2020, as President Donald Trump pressed the agency for a faster timeline so the vaccines could be authorized before Election Day, according to emails, text messages, and interviews by a congressional panel probing the pandemic response.

Back in September 2020, when the Democrats were against the vaccine because it was developed under the Trump administration, the WaPo carried reports claiming that the Trump White House attempted to pressure the FDA to approve the vaccine in order to benefit Trump's re-election campaign.

The question is "why now," and what do the Democrats hope to achieve from these lies?

The midterm elections are just two months away, and the Democrats realize that they are in for an emphatic drubbing.

They realize that many Americans, including Democrats, will never forgive them for the vaccine mandates, which rendered some among the voters unemployed while others suffered serious health problems due to the side effects of the vaccine.

Studies have shown greater COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Black Americans and even Hispanic Americans.  This concerns the Democrats, who have always portrayed themselves as messiahs of the persecuted people of color.

The Democrats realize that history needs to be revised, hence they place the entire blame on Trump.

They also realize that a significant number of Trump-supporters are skeptical of the vaccine, and perhaps this latest push may cause some supporters to abandon Trump.

Why will this propaganda blitzkrieg fail?

Simply because of the facts.

Trump took the COVID-19 vaccine himself, and Trump has publicly defended their efficacy.  But he also decried mask and vaccine mandates and made it amply clear that he supported individual freedoms and choices.

Trump and the MAGA movement stand for freedom and personal liberties.

Right from the beginning of the pandemic, Trump stood against the lockdowns.  He rightly said that a nationwide lockdown to curb the coronavirus would inflict more harm than good.  He rightly called the lockdowns unconstitutional.

It was the Democrats who imposed lockdowns in their states with an aim to destroy Trump's strong economy prior to the 2020 presidential elections.

It didn't matter to them that numerous lives were destroyed due to these economic hardships as a result of the lockdowns.  The Democrats also didn't care about the immeasurable psychological harm as people were denied basic rights of movement and the need to socialize and congregate.

The Democrat police even arrested and fined individuals for merely attending a party or being part of religious gatherings.

Did the Democrats truly believe that lockdowns would save lives?

If the Democrats truly believed that COVID-19 was deadly, they wouldn't have violated restrictions in their private lives.

California Democrat Governor Newsom was photographed dining maskless with his lobbyist friends at a fancy Napa Valley restaurant, flouting his own coronavirus safety protocols.  Democrat House speaker Pelosi attended the lavish wedding of billionaire oil heiress Ivy Getty without a mask, and famously visited a San Francisco beauty salon that was supposed to be shuttered due to lockdowns.  The high priestess of hypocrisy, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was spotted maskless at a restaurant in Miami Beach in Florida.

Back to the vaccines.

The Democrats, in fact, were fanatical proponents of the vaccine mandates.

Let's accept the Democrat premise that the vaccines were truly compromised because Trump forced the FDA to approve them without following the essential steps for testing and approval.

Why didn't Biden order the vaccines recalled?

Why didn't the Democrats ask everybody not to take the vaccine until further notice?

The Democrats may claim they learned the truth about the vaccines only when they read the report.  This can be debunked, too.

The Democrats have keenly investigated all of Trump's doings, not just in the White House, but even when he was a private citizen.  Why was their investigative attitude and skepticism about Trump absent in the matter of the vaccines?  Why did they wait until now, almost two years after the vaccine was released, for the report?  Why didn't they make an investigation and report their top priority as they did for the January 6 "insurrection"?

The Biden administration has mandated vaccines for health care workers, military personnel, non-citizen air travelers, some federal government contractors, and employees.  They even attempted mandates for private-sector employees.  They approved vaccines for children, including those under 5.  They exempted only illegal aliens, inviting them to surge into the country.

The Democrats hence compelled millions of Americans to choose between an unwanted medical procedure with serious potential side-effects and being able to provide for their families.

Let's not forget that Biden repeatedly called it the pandemic of the unvaccinated.  His tone was often derisive and scornful.  This was a vile dehumanization of people who were skeptical of the vaccine.  Implicitly, he was suggesting that the unvaccinated were a menace to society and an unnecessary burden on the health care system who deserved the hardship and pain coming their way.

What's the situation now?

The vaccine mandate prevails.

Arguably the world's greatest tennis player and twenty-one-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic announced his absence from the upcoming U.S. Open because he is unvaccinated and current U.S. federal rules stipulate that any non-U.S. citizen must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to secure a visa.

The U.S. Tennis Association doesn't have a vaccine mandate, hence they deferred to the federal government's policy.

But there are dual standards for the federal government.

Fox News's Peter Doocy confronted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the hypocrisy.

Doocy noted while unvaccinated travelers such as tennis star Djokovic were denied entry into the U.S., thousands of unvaccinated illegal aliens are pouring across the southern border and released into the interior of the country with no such sanctions.

As expected, Jean-Pierre talked a bit, lied a lot, but said nothing.

In the end, this is a laughable attempt by the Democrats at an Orwellian revision of history for the benefit of Democrats.

It is essential that the GOP and particularly Trump thoroughly debunk this blatant falsehood.

Image: CBS News, Twitter video screen shot.

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