Stupid bureaucrat tricks: New York tries to get rid of migrants seeking services through red tape

The great migrant wave continues under Joe Biden's no-borders policy, with nearly five million foreigners now in the country without authorization, according to a new study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

A few thousand have arrived in New York (and Washington), the product of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's idea to bus some on a voluntary basis to the nation's pre-eminent sanctuary cities, which is also the territory of the leftist pols who promote illegal immigration into U.S. hardest.

For New York, a mere 4,000 of them has created massive problems, and there's no sign this load will get any lighter.  It turns out that America's largest city can't handle even a mere 4,000 of them, with all their needs for hotels, transport, legal representation, food, education, diapers, laundry service, cell phones, medical care, school supplies, and other free stuff of its advertised socialist Utopia.

One can only imagine what it is like for the border states which are forced to take in hundreds of thousands migrants arriving daily into the U.S. border states with no consent whatsoever, but pay no attention to them. This is supposedly can-do New York...

Yes, they've got the welcome wagons out, with Mayor Eric Adams ordering dour-faced arriving migrants to smile for him as he hands out goodies to them for the cameras, as the New York Times reported, but his city still can't handle them.

It's too much. The resource drain is incredible, the city services are unable to provide for the locals now, and apparently the migrants get priority service for everything based on various sanctuary city laws put in place by wokesters with no sense of what could come down in the future. Migrants would always be someone else's problem -- especially Texas's.

Except that a very small slice of it, is now theirs.

How are they responding? Not by calling for less illegal immigration, and the sending back of illegal border crossers, particularly those who abuse the asylum system. They're doing it the sneaky blue state way, by drowning the migrants in red tape, in the hopes of servicing as few of them as possible.

Here's the NBC News report:

New York City says it is prepared to welcome asylum seekers with open arms — but for at least some families, the city will only shelter them if they can produce carefully itemized paperwork after a treacherous and often deadly journey thousands of miles long through deserts and jungles.

For people fleeing here in search of a better life, the depths of the bureaucracy can be hard to comprehend, but the recording of a phone call obtained by News 4 lays bare just how difficult the situation has become.

In a six-minute conversation, a city social worker told a pregnant asylum seeker that she wasn't eligible for shelter — but the social worker couldn't tell her why, because the case paperwork didn't list a reason. So, that city worker told the woman she had to go to the PATH shelter intake center and ask them herself. Once she figured it all out, the social worker said, this pregnant asylee then had to gather whatever extra paperwork was needed and bring it to the social worker by 4 p.m. to remain eligible to stay in a shelter.

Catholic Charities has previously said it documented multiple cases where asylum seekers came to the border in Texas with paperwork, only to have all of it seized. The Legal Aid Society, for its part, told News 4 it has handled multiple cases where people were told they needed to provide paperwork they didn't have from countries they had to flee.

News 4 obtained copies of the papers given to one family, saying they were ineligible since they did not provide a "complete, accurate and verifiable" two-year housing history. (As Legal Aid explains on their website, it is the city's standard operating procedure to require families to provide such a history when seeking shelter.)

The Department of Social Services, for its part, has repeatedly insisted it was doing everything it could to meet the needs of the hundreds of migrants coming to, or being sent to, the city on a regular basis. 

So they're giving every migrant they can the runaround, on the most trivial of reasons, in order to avoid the cost of sheltering all of them. They've got technicalities, they've got Catch-22s, they've got cover-your-ass lies for the press, they've got calls for federal aid, anything but dole out all the advertised goodies to the migrants who in taking them are going to strip city resources bare -- and most certainly are not going to stop coming. 

It ought to be a lesson for them in the wise stewardship of resources, but these guys don't care about resources -- they didn't when it was Texas's resources, and they certainly don't in the long term on their own, given the foolishness of their laws requiring them to shelter every comer.

As the New York Times notes in its report, it is a strange situation because in the past, migrants would come to a place like New York and rely on one another for support, within a migrant community. Today, you don't need any community, or any money, to arrive as a pauper from a foreign country without authorization and get a free four-star hotel in Times Square as shelter.

NBC reports that there's a lot of entitlement mentality among these migrants, meaning, they know it:

Luisandra Mayora says that on Aug. 16, she was given 24 hours to leave a shelter because she did not make a required call for a 9 a.m. appointment -- except she says she wasn't even given the paperwork with the number to call until 2:30 pm. And not only that, Mayora said, but the paperwork was in English and she only speaks Spanish.

That left her in tears, unsure what to do next, all while trying to care for a child who was sick with a fever.

"This is not my fault. I told the social workers that it was not our fault. That it was their fault. Because over here there is no one that speaks Spanish, only people speaking English," Mayora said.

Might it be wise to learn the language of a foreign country before you move there illegally? The thought never occurred to Mayoras, whose country of origin was not named. New York City you see, should be serving her.

If I had to guess, she was a Chavista Venezuelan from the shantytowns of Caracas, a faithful Chavista voter in a red tshirt, coming to New York with no social capital, no skills, no education other than Chavista grievance wokesterism, and expecting everything to be handed to her. Someone like this is ideal stuff for beefing up the Democrat voting base, but in a curious way, she's being treated in the same lousy way the Chavistas treated their shantytown charges as the money rolled in and ran out. Socialism in action.

What's not brought up in any of this rat-like red-tape misery inflicted on the migrants is that maybe this isn't the way an orderly immigration process is done in any country on earth. Instead of legally applying for entry, saving one's resources and not paying them to smugglers, learning the language, and being able to hold one's own in the U.S. without becoming a public charge, even from a low-skill level, the sanctuary cities have basically imported the world's socially and economically impoverished with little to contribute, little to be happy about and lots of new grievances, and given them some additional ones with the sheer crumminess of their "free" city services.

Sound like a sustainable model, as the lefties like to say? Maybe the problem needs to be taken to Joe Biden with all his lawless migration.

Image: Screen shot from NBC News video, via shareable YouTube

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