Somewhere between fact and fiction, leftists find a home for the climate crisis

We live in a world with the American entertainment industry, a 24-hour news cycle, high-profile politicians, and "scientists" and endless publications of propaganda all telling the same story — we're at a point of no return with the climate "emergency."  However, we never see data that actually prove their narrative. 

That's because to the left, facts don't matter.  Leftists' narrative is simply a vehicle for a radical agenda to destroy the oil industry and our quality of life, with an end goal of transforming America in every way.  If the public saw an unbiased dataset, they wouldn't gobble up the agenda hook, line, and sinker.

Here are some factual data that are easy to find but we will never see:

I would challenge anyone to look at the factual data above and show a direct and confirmed link between average temperatures and all the other variables that we are constantly told are creating a "climate crisis."  For over 180 years, temperatures have remained essentially the exact same, while all the other variables have aggressively risen.

Another important thing to know is that Earth experienced the Little Ice Age, which spanned from around 1300 to 1860.  The warming that occurred after it ended — which was drastic compared to an ice age — could not be attributed to modern industry since there was none.  How do they explain that?

We're told that cars, trucks, planes, boats, combines, tractors, gas grills, lawnmowers, cows, air-conditioning, and meat are causing irreparable environmental harm in the form of "warming," yet the global temperature has risen a scant one degree, after an ice age ended, in 160 years.  Essentially, we are told that almost everything that improves productivity and our quality of life causes warming.

The atmosphere consists of a huge number of chemicals and compounds, and according to the "experts," 99.96% of particles are causing warming.  Nope, the culprit of that pesky one degree is in fact CO2, a clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas, which has increased 50% as the world has moved from the Dark Ages into modernity.  It is amazing how much power the leftists accredit CO2 pollution?  So much so, they want to capture and bury the gas, on our dime — what a waste of money.

Aside from the acknowledgment that there is a cost to comfortable modern life (albeit minuscule), there are also a large number of natural phenomena that affect the climate: the tilt of the sun, solar activity, solar flares, the gulfstream, the jetstream, El Niño, La Niña, etc.  According to leftists, though, none of those naturally occurring events has any bearing on the climate; rather, it's solely we, and the only solution is the destruction of the economy, the end of modern pleasantries, and all the power in the hands of the global elites.

The Earth has gone through countless, and lengthy, warming and cooling periods over the eons.  All of them occurred cyclically and naturally, yet this piddling one-degree rise is supposedly caused by human activity.

There was even a 35-year cooling period from 1940 to 1975, where we were warned that billions would die from the coming ice age, but that period is now irrelevant.  Facts are always shoved aside when pushing the leftist agenda.

The only way a one-degree temperature rise in 160 years became an existential threat is because the sycophant media colluded to indoctrinate the public into believing the talking points without doing research or asking questions.

The promotion of extreme and illogical policies are due to more dire (and false) forecasts based on manipulated computer models.  At this point, the "experts" have a 50-year track record of failed predictions.  Despite the total absence of credibility, the public continues to go along with the madness.

The politicians and bureaucrats who can't control inflation, the budget, the border, geopolitical affairs, health care costs, terrorists, crime, or virtually anything else claim they can control the climate, with such complicated factors like sea levels, storm activity, and temperatures?  And all we have to do is let them confiscate from us trillions more dollars and destroy our quality of life?

Anyone who believes these leftists should have his head examined.

Image: Gillfoto, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (resized for compatibility)

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