RINO Republicans sit on the board of a nonprofit that bankrolls global left-wing censorship efforts

Founded in 2006, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue is a London-based nonprofit with a stated purpose of "safeguarding human rights and reversing the rising tide of polarisation [sic], extremism, and disinformation worldwide."  The group previously worked with the Obama administration, combating "violent extremism," and their website lists critical topics most vulnerable to fake news and hate speech, which include:

  1. Electoral, climate, and public health disinformation
  2. Conspiracy networks
  3. Far-right extremism
  4. LGBTQ
  5. Islamophobia

A recent blog posted to the ISD website discussed a "hate-riddled public health disinformation campaign" where social media users identified monkeypox as almost exclusively (if not entirely) spread by homosexual male relations and questioned how children were getting the disease.  The author said this truth was used to spread "dangerous rhetoric against the queer community," despite the legitimacy of the concerns: less than two weeks ago, Georgia law enforcement arrested a gay couple who stand accused of using their adopted sons in the creation of child pornography, so it's not as though adults abusing children is a right-wing boogeyman story.

So which Republicans help fund this nightmarish leftist enterprise?  If you guessed Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, or Mitt Romney, you're correct.  However, a few more are flying under the radar, and they are Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst, Dan Sullivan, and Kay Granger.

Those seven members of Congress sit on the board of the International Republican Institute, which is listed as a donor to ISD.  Additionally, ISD lists partnerships with the McCain Institute — John McCain was a chairman for 25 years — as well as a tentacle of the United Nations.  On top of receiving funding from the IRI and those seven prominent Republicans, other benefactors to the ISD include George Soros's Open Society Foundations, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

And just last month, ISD hired Jared Holt, a notorious leftwing media operative.  Jack Hadfield at Valiant News said:

Holt, who spent much of his career reporting on those on the American right, and encouraging companies to deplatform those who he and his colleagues deem unacceptable for society, such as Infowars and Alex Jones.

Holt was also involved in downplaying violence from far-left abortion protesters and Black Lives Matter rioters, arguing that conservatives were fear-mongering despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

So why are Republican elites facilitating the growth and success of an authoritarian, globalist bureaucracy?  What common bond do these politicians share with men like Soros, or Gates, or Holt?

The troubling reality is that the Republican Party is completely infiltrated with sorry saboteurs — for goodness's sake, Romney's niece is the party chairwoman.  You can't tell the players without a scorecard, and these seven just confirmed their reputations as turncoats.

Image: Image by Dave Davidson from Pixabay, Pixabay License, free for commercial use, no attribution required

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