Political sleaze: What Hunter Biden needed to do to keep that Ukrainian cash flowing

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal has been around a while, but there've remained a few questions.

The president's crackhead ne'er-do-well son had a mysterious no-show job on the board of Ukraine's Burisma, among his many foreign cash streams, but nobody could quite tell why the Ukrainian oligarchs were giving such cash, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to him, other than a broad attempt to curry political access for favors.

Well, now the picture has become clearer, and quite specific, according to Just Facts Daily:

Newly discovered emails prove beyond all doubt that the "true purpose" of Hunter Biden's lucrative deal with a Ukrainian energy company was for Hunter to get "high-ranking US officials" to visit Ukraine and persuade the nation's leaders to "close down" all criminal "cases/pursuits against" the firm's primary owner, a notoriously corrupt oligarch with ties to Russia.

Documentation of this illegal scheme begins with a widely overlooked email on Hunter's laptop in which a top executive of the Ukrainian firm describes the plan. Now, emails uncovered by Just Facts prove that Hunter and his partners:

  • explicitly agreed to this deal.
  • concealed the names of top U.S. officials to "be on the safe and cautious side."
  • affirmed that only Hunter could credibly promise to get those officials to shield the oligarch from criminal charges.

Just one month later, then–Vice President Joe Biden did exactly what those emails specified by visiting Ukraine and threatening to withhold U.S. aid unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter's cash cow was fired. Moreover, Biden did this by going after two "key targets" identified in the emails: the "President of Ukraine" and the "Prosecutor General."

Hunter, it turns out, did have a specific job with these wealthy Ukrainian oligarchs; the no-show board seat at Burisma was just window dressing.

He was their little pawn.  His job, and he agreed to this job, and he got scolded when he didn't immediately produce the "results," according to the newly released emails, was to get American officials to visit Ukraine on the oligarchs' behalf, and to use U.S. political muscle to get Ukraine's prosecutors off the oligarchs' backs for corruption, two tasks Hunter performed with alacrity.  Joe Biden could never tell his pathetic, drug-riddled, otherwise neglected son "no," so everything the oligarchs "paid for" was accomplished.  For this kind of money — amounting to about $708,000 right in Hunter's pocket, and a couple more million to entities under Hunter's control — Hunter was a man of his word, a regular Mr. Reliable.

That led to the well known scene where Joe Biden, as President Obama's vice president, bragged about getting Ukraine's prosecutor, who had been investigating Hunter's patron oligarch, fired:

In December 2015, Biden visited Ukraine and later recounted on video that he told Ukraine's president and its prime minister on that trip that he would withhold a U.S. government "billion-dollar loan guarantee" unless they fired the "state prosecutor." "If the prosecutor is not fired," warned Biden, "you're not getting the money." Biden then added, "Well, son of a b----, he got fired."

The prosecutor who replaced Shokin dropped all charges and eventually wound up in jail himself for corruption.  Lucky Ukraine.

The Just Facts Daily report is simply amazing in its clear detail about just how corrupt this deal was, and just how obedient a pawn in the service of corruption Hunter was.  After that, Hunter had plenty of money for hookers and drug benders at Chateau Marmont until he was thrown out of the joint, and from there, wherever he went where hoteliers would still take him.  This wasn't long ago, either.

Given the nakedness of the corruption, it ought to be grounds for impeaching Joe Biden, as it's increasingly obvious that he acted as an agent of Hunter and did whatever his oligarchic paymasters wanted.  There will be hearings in Congress in the next day or two on why the FBI hasn't acted on such a cut-and-dried easy case with mountains of evidence. Now that this information is out, it will be increasingly hard for FBI director Christopher Wray to answer such questions.

It is said that scandals gather legs with the public only when they become explainable to the public in layman's terms — arms for hostages, second-rate burglary, arms for cartels, phony movie story to cover up terrorist plot ahead of elections, unsecured classified emails in some guy's bathtub server.  Now we have pawn for oligarch, doing whatever he wanted, Joe there to help out, and to heck with U.S. interests, let alone national security.

With these revelations, the Hunter Biden scandal is rapidly reaching that point.  Far from shady business deals and no-show jobs, the otherwise unemployable drug addict Hunter Biden had a job — a job to use American muscle, and too bad about American foreign policy interests, to get U.S. officials to come to Ukraine for the oligarchs to take a look at, and to get Ukraine's prosecutor off their backs.  Just Facts noted that Hunter stopped receiving payments the same month Donald Trump was elected president, suddenly losing that cash stream the same way Hillary Clinton's Clinton Foundation saw its donations dry up the minute it was clear she would not be president.

This is how corruption works.   

Will there be action taken?  Probably not under this administration.  But the scandal is out there, explainable in layman's terms, and the machinery of justice may one day start running normally to end this corruption, which is increasingly obvious.

Image: DC Shorts video screen shot via shareable YouTube.

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