Perverts run amok in Pennsylvania

Yesterday, I came across a video taken just a few days back at the Central Pennsylvania Pride Event.  It featured a young boy, wearing a colorful tulle skirt, fumbling around a stripper pole while a gay man in underwear instructs him on the erotic dance form — as his mother cheers them on.

Tears of rage filled my eyes.  I couldn't help but wonder what the grown man was thinking as he gawked at that precious little boy, or how a mother could hand over her own son to pedophilic exploitation — her one job above all is to keep him safe in every way, but instead she acquiesces to his abuse.  Easily detected by any viewer is this innocent child's desire for love and praise — something that should be given so unconditionally — that he has to earn through sexual performances in front of grown men.

This is just one of many examples depicting the rapid rate at which a culture can descend into depravity when there is no steadying anchor.  Emotions aside, it is the nature of the LGBT Agenda beast — giving in to perversion reaps more perversion.

Yet it's not hopeless, and a restoration of an American culture rooted in Judeo-Christian ethics can occur.  Whether conscious Alinsky operatives or not, the reality is, the societal degeneracy so prevalent now is Alinskyism at play.  The solution?  Learn the tactics to neutralize their effectiveness.

Alinsky's enumerated list covers thirteen tactics, but the most relevant to the topic at hand is, "Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy."

Our current culture exhibits a sheer inversion of morality — right is wrong, and evil is good — and it happened so fast.  Militant radicals for the Agenda relentlessly assault, leaving a wake of sexual sin and child abuse seemingly everywhere — but they're not representative of a majority of Americans.  Yet we're losing the war because we're completely out of our element, stumbling backwards, just trying to gain our footing.  We've fallen victim to Alinsky's third tactic.

We are the enemy of the fanatical left, and the leftists are operating outside our expertise — we aren't used to witnessing such proud displays of the sexualization of children, or parents devouring their own.  Just as Alinsky predicted, it causes chaos, confusion, and panic.  Our only action is a reactionary bewilderment.  We need to understand that these people remain fully indulgent in profane behaviors, which will continue to be their modus operandi.  Refuse to cede another inch, and boldly denounce these aggressions for what they are.

This is our country and these are our children — there's no greater reason to go to battle.

Image: Ammiabc, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (resized for compatibility)

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