More evidence of then-Vice President Biden’s meetings with Hunter’s business associates

The Daily Mail’s Josh Boswell is a strong and disciplined man. Why do I say this? Because he continues to work his way through the contents of Hunter Biden’s hard drive. On Friday, the Daily Mail delivered Boswell’s latest findings: Joe Biden, when Vice President, met with two Chinese energy executives who had worked with a client of Hunter’s partnership. Also, the Daily Mail printed the email it received from Hunter Biden’s lawyer. When you read the email, you’ll see that the lawyer fits well into the world of Hunter and Joe Biden.

As always when it comes to Hunter’s dealings, you must unwind things a little bit to understand what was going on. He always had a lot of balls in the air, making it hard to track any individual ball. But here, very briefly, is what seems to have gone on:

In September 2008 (when Obama and Joe Biden were shoo-ins for the White House), Hunter created a consulting company called Seneca Global Advisors. The promise was that he would help companies expand in foreign markets.

In 2009, Hunter, Devon Archer, and Christopher Heinz founded Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment and advisory firm.

In 2012, GreatPoint Energy, a Seneca Global Advisors client, partnered with Wanxiang, a Chinese Energy company, to work on a $1.25 billion natural gas plant in China. The deal was so important that then-Vice President Xi Jinping attended the signing ceremony. Wanxiang has also partnered with North Korea for a copper mining venture.

At some point before 2013, Rosemont Seneca Partners invested in Fisker, a luxury car company. Fisker went bankrupt in 2013. Hunter was listed as a creditor. In 2014, Wanxiang bought Fisker. Also, Hunter bought himself one of the Fisker cars for $142,300.

Image: Joe Biden. YouTube screen grab.

In July 2014, on just one day’s notice, Pin Ni, Wanxiang’s American president, was able to get a meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the West Wing. Also at the meeting was Youhong Han, the president of Wanxiang Resources Co.

Four days after the meeting, Ni wrote a letter to Hunter, offering to fix a problem with Hunter’s Fisker car: “It would be our honor to get your Fisker fixed” he wrote. He added, “It would be our great honor to welcome you to visit Fisker or Wanxiang at any time.”

Why does all this matter? Because Biden has repeatedly denied having any contact whatsoever with Hunter’s business dealings. I guess it’s just a coincidence that, as Josh Boswell has worked his way through Hunter’s hard drive, he’s discovered 15 times that Joe met with Hunter’s business associates. Boswell has already detailed meetings with Mexican billionaires, Kazakhstan politicians and oligarchs, and Chinese (government-connected) oligarchs, among others. Who knows what else Boswell’s efforts will uncover?

By now, we’ve come to expect more proof that Joe was lying when he said he had no connection whatsoever to Hunter’s business dealings. What made this article a little unusual was what happened when Boswell contacted Chris Clark, a Latham and Watkins who is Hunter’s criminal defense lawyer, asking for his comments regarding Hunter’s relationship with Wanxiang. What Boswell got in response was stunning:

‘Please quote me.

Josh you are a parasite who lives of other peoples difficulties. Your parents won't mount you.

Pls include an explaination from 'news corp' lawyers of you exclude this comment this from your as to why you have done so after asking. Me fo my comment.


Joe Biden has dementia, and Hunter Biden is a crackhead. I would never imply that either is true of Chris Clark. I just find it immensely amusing that the lawyer for two brain-addled men would write a completely unintelligible email (although the nastiness does survive the gibberish). Additionally, as Boswell politely points out, Clark is wrong that Daily Mail is one of Rupert Murdoch’s “News Corp” companies. In fact, says Boswell, the Daily Mail is “owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust.”

It's very hard to pin down all the facts swirling around Hunter and Joe Biden. The one thing that seems pretty clear is that Joe has not been honest with the American people and that Joe and Hunter have been doing business with people whose interests are antithetical to America’s. 

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