Mitch McConnell must not be Senate majority leader after the midterms

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell declined to comment on the FBI raid of President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home during a press conference in Kentucky, following recent floods that hit the eastern part of his home state.

"I'm here to talk about the flood and recovery from the flood," McConnell said when asked about the raid. 

Hours later, McConnell's office released the following statement:

The country deserves a thorough and immediate explanation of what led to the events of Monday. Attorney General Garland and the Department of Justice should already have provided answers to the American people and must do so immediately.

This wasn't the unequivocal condemnation that the FBI raid deserved.  It was instead a perfunctory act released after pressure from the MAGA wing of the GOP.

Clearly, McConnell despises Trump and the MAGA movement and would love to see all of it brought to an end so everyone can go back to business as usual — i.e., deceiving the public that there is a two-party system when it is actually only one that loyally serves and profits off the Washington Establishment.

Mitch has benefited from the Washington Establishment.

McConnell's wife, Elaine Lan Chao, is from a family that has extensive business interests in China and close ties with Chinese elites.  Chao was appointed secretary of Transportation by President Trump.  There were reports that she used her office to promote her family's shipping business, even trying to include family members in high-level meetings with Chinese government officials.  There were allegations that Chao boosted her husband's political fortunes by showering attention and grant money on McConnell's constituents and prominent Kentucky supporters

But the Biden administration's FBI will never ever conduct raids of their homes or offices.  There won't even be a preliminary investigation into these connections.  In exchange, McConnell attacks Trump and remains mum about Hunter Biden's shady businesses.  This is how D.C. functions.

McConnell probably fears that if Trump wins in 2024 and MAGA Republicans have control over law enforcement and investigative agencies, he may be among the first to be investigated.

For the likes of McConnell, the challenges presented by MAGA Republicans are much worse than the severe damage caused by the Democrats.  He is probably elated that Trump with his America First mindset is no longer in the White House.  McConnell gets along fine with Joe Biden and other Democrats.

McConnell gladly approves of the Democrat plan to send billions of taxpayer money to be spent to defend and rebuild Ukraine without any transparency and accountability measures.  There were reports that McConnell informed Biden that he wanted to blunt President Trump's influence by conveying to allies in Eastern Europe that "Republicans believe NATO is important" and to "push back against the isolationist sentiment in my own party." 

McConnell even visited Kyiv to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky.  Other than his home state, McConnell probably hasn't visited any part of the U.S. that is struggling due to Biden's failed policies.

McConnell was among the Republican senators who voted to resettle unvetted Afghan refugees in the U.S.

A Department of Defense whistleblower reports that 324 of the individuals the Biden administration evacuated from Afghanistan and welcomed into the U.S. have appeared on the terror watch list.

Mitch McConnell joined all 50 Senate Democrats in voting in support of a "gun safety" bill.  Among the provisions in this bill is a "red flag" law that empowers a judge to order the seizure of firearms merely based on the suspicion that the owner of the weapon will use them to hurt himself or others.  In other words, the government will be empowered to seize firearms without reason.

Now for the gratuitous investigations of President Trump.

The goal behind January 6 Select Committee is not justice, but to target Trump and the MAGA Republicans, preventing Trump from ever running for public office again.  It's a show trial, which doesn't allow cross-examination of witnesses.  It doesn't so much as allow Trump lawyers to question witnesses.  It is just about blatant lies and fabrications.  This Stalinist witch-hunt seems as if it were planned by the notorious Lavrentiy Beria, who famously boasted to Stalin, "Show me the man, and I'll find you the crime."

But Mitch McConnell hasn't said much against the committee.  If asked, he probably claims that he doesn't want to interfere in an ongoing investigation and that he wants the law to take its course.  Being neutral at such a critical juncture for what's obviously a political railroading is the equivalent of colluding with the enemy.

If the polls are any indication, the GOP seems on track to take back the House and the Senate.  This victory will be the result of Donald Trump's popularity.  His endorsements have swung races, and his campaign rallies continue to pack spacious arenas.

It has to be remembered that during the Russia hoax investigations, including the Mueller probe, the GOP held majorities in both the House and the Senate, but then–House majority leader Paul Ryan and then–Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell were mute spectators as the Democrats wrought havoc.

McConnell's term ends in 2027.  He will be 85 by then, and perhaps he may not seek re-election.  Since there are no recall facilities for senators, it gives McConnell five more years to do as he pleases without any challenge or concern about being voted out.

The biggest risk after a GOP landslide victory in November is that McConnell may end up enjoying the fruits of the hard work from Trump and MAGA Republicans.  He returns as Senate majority leader and continues to collaborate with the Washington Democrat establishment to overtly and covertly wage war against President Trump and his supporters.

McConnell even predicted that he'll be re-elected as Senate GOP leader regardless of whether Republicans take back the upper congressional chamber in November's elections.

It is therefore essential that if the GOP wins back the Senate, Republicans elect a new leader, such as Sen. Rand Paul or John Kennedy or Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz, any of whom could be a worthy replacement.

GOP lawmakers have a great deal to do after winning the midterms.  They have to undo the damage done by the Democrats on myriad fronts.  The stakes are simply too high to allow the likes of Mitch McConnell to lead them again and scupper their agenda.

Caricature by DonkeyHotey via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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