Marc Elias boasts about the real motive behind the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid

Marc Elias is a very smart man who hooked his wagon to the Hillary Clinton star and has been involved in almost all the attacks against Trump.  His allegiances are clear, and he's incredibly excited about the Justice Department's decision to sic the FBI on Trump, a former and possibly future president.  The main purpose is to keep Trump from being able to run again.  That's it.

Since the day Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in November 2016, the Clinton camp, the Democrat establishment, the administrative agencies (AKA the Deep State), the NeverTrumps, and the media — collectively, the "anti-Trump coalition" — have had a single unified purpose: get Trump out of office and keep him out of office.  They've had some success, but they haven't sealed the deal.

The Russia Hoax occupied much of Trump's energy during his first two years in office, leaving him unable to turn all his efforts to carrying out his campaign promises.  The hoax eventually fell apart, but only after revealing, thanks to practically daily political colonoscopies, that Trump is probably the most honest man in both business and politics.

When the Russia Hoax failed, the anti-Trump coalition moved on to the Ukraine Hoax, from which it was able to wring an impeachment.  Despite Adam Schiff's theatrics, though, that episode also revealed to most Americans that Trump was as clean as a whistle.

Throughout both the above hoaxes, the anti-Trump coalition kept alive the "fine people hoax," pursuant to which it claimed that Trump had called neo-Nazis "fine people."  Of course, he hadn't.  Instead, he'd condemned them, as well as observing presciently that the leftist war on American institutions wouldn't stop with Confederates but would, instead, extend to America's Founding Fathers.

Image: Marc Elias.  YouTube screen grab.

It was only with COVID and ex-con George Floyd's decision to give his diseased heart the kill shot of massive amounts of illegal drugs that the Democrats finally got the leverage to boot Trump from office.  I don't need to detail the shenanigans from that year; you remember them.

Despite the election being called for Biden, Trump remained a problem for the anti-Trump coalition.  He refused to accept the election results and, foolishly, decided to hold a rally in D.C. on the day the Electoral College votes were to be counted.  Doing so played into leftist hands.  I'm one of those who think that, with help from Ray Epps and other operatives, naïve Trump-supporters were skillfully steered into the Capitol as a predicate to destroying them and Trump.

Certainly, the January 6 Committee exists solely to make the case that Trump cannot possibly be the Republicans' 2024 candidate.  Even that, though, isn't going so well, because Americans are bored and unimpressed with the proceedings.  His rallies are still huge, and in head-to-head polls with Biden, Trump wins.  Oops!

Is it any surprise that Merrick Garland's hyper-partisan DOJ obtained judicial authorization for a raid on Mar-a-Lago?  Without seeing the warrant, it's not entirely clear to me on what grounds the raid proceeded, but, listening to how 30 agents descended and took everything that wasn't nailed down, along with stories careening between "National Archives" and "national security," I currently believe that this was a fishing expedition, and one that violated the Fourth Amendment's proscription against "general warrants" (i.e., unlimited rights to search someone's person or property).

Democrats want to find something, anything to keep Trump from running again — and I don't need to guess about that, because that's exactly what Hillary's lawyer, Marc Elias, is boasting about:

Elias's caveat — the Constitution provides the only limits on a person's ability to run — isn't a problem for a party that plans to pack the Supreme Court or, at least, to get its unstable base to pick off Supreme Court justices.  There's also the problem that it's the president who makes the ultimate determination about what's classified or not.  If Trump concluded, while packing up the office, that a document wasn't wasn't.

But again, none of this matters to the anti-Trump coalition.  As Elias says, "the idea that a candidate would have to litigate this is [sic] during a campaign is in my view a 'blockbuster in American politics.'"

Maybe Elias is right, but I hope the Democrats are guilty of hubris and riding for a fall.  Sure, the base is ecstatic, but ordinary, politically disinterested Americans, seeing the disaster of Biden's administration and already beginning to worry about election integrity, may not be impressed watching the Biden administration use manifestly faked charges to sway another election.  Or at least I hope ordinary Americans will feel that way.

UPDATE: Attorney Josh Blackmun, who writes for the Volokh Conspiracy, says nothing doing with §2071:

Under Powell v. McCormack and U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton, Congress and the states cannot "add to the express textual qualifications for House and Senate seats in Article I." And that reasoning, Seth concluded, would seem to apply to the qualifications for the presidency in Article II. Several courts in the Seventh Circuit, and elsewhere, reached that same conclusion.

Blackman adds that, for more information, check what Seth Barrett Tillman wrote in 2015.

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