Los Angeles opens up county government jobs to 'non-citizens'

At a time of rising unemployment and flight from one-party blue cities, what should Los Angeles come up with but a new plan to hire foreigners in county government posts?

According to the Los Angeles Times:

U.S. citizenship will no longer be a requirement for many Los Angeles County government jobs, including department heads.

On Tuesday, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion allowing the county, with a few exceptions, to hire noncitizens to lead county agencies — excluding the chief probation officer — and for any other county jobs where state or federal law doesn't mandate citizenship.

Immigrants who lack legal status remain ineligible to work for the county.

Tuesday's motion, by Supervisors Hilda Solis and Sheila Kuehl, extends eligibility for county jobs to lawful permanent residents and those with work permits.

The motion directs staff to remove citizenship as a requirement for county positions, unless otherwise mandated by state or federal law.

...and much of it is sneaky and off the books, so good luck getting the specifics of it:

Some details of the county's plan weren't made public. The county chief executive office and Solis' and Kuehl's offices declined to share a June report with The Times, stating it was protected by attorney-client privilege because it was drafted by county attorneys.

This may well mean that illegal aliens will soon become the County of Los Angeles's ruling government.  Sure, the Times says illegals are excluded, but that's window dressing.  Anyone with DACA status would likely be included in the hireables list, as would anyone who's managed to cadge asylum from a pliant immigration judge or newly minted "asylum officer," as will any of the millions who have seen their charges dropped by the Department of Homeland Security and who are now free to roam the country.  All they need to do is secure a Social Security number, often through identity theft, and they're hireable in Los Angeles.  That's going on exponentially, according to this RealClearInvestigations report.  There are a thousand ways to get around illegal status these days, yet still be illegal.  We still don't know if being in deportation proceedings will count as legal or not, given that asylum-seekers are now getting free Social Security numbers and work permits the minute they get "processed."  Now, besides free travel, free health care, free hotels, and all that, there will be government jobs, likely with no English-speaking requirements, with huge salaries and even bigger pensions, and too bad if the citizens don't like it.

Don't think that's not what these characters have in mind.  Molina and Kuehl are literally open-borders militants.  I've heard Molina speak behind closed doors and know very well what she thinks, and Kuehl's record speaks for itself.  Here's Molina's justification:

"By removing citizenship requirements, the county will gain access to a larger pool of qualified applicants with varied life experiences that can help enhance current services," Solis, the board chair, said in a statement. "This decision is rooted in a larger vision to bring diversity, equity and inclusion at the forefront of everything that we do at the county."

Solis had hoped the county could waive citizenship requirements for disaster service workers, but state law governs those positions and excludes lawfully employed immigrants.

Incredibly, some county officials claimed that the hiring of non-citizens was particularly necessary for the public defender's office...owing to the surge in crime in the city committed by illegals.

"The county workforce should reflect the people they serve, and nowhere is this more important than at the public defender's office," [a former illegal alien turned ACLU activist] said.

Public Defender Ricardo García, the son of immigrants and the county's first Latino public defender, said in a tweet that the crucial role of his office in the lives of indigent residents "makes it essential that the hiring process allows for onboarding the best and most diverse candidates."

A powerful public defender's office official, defending a foreign thug against a victimized American, will now be the one seeking to get the illegally present foreign cartel or gang member or whatever off the hook at the expense of the American who's been brutalized.  Somehow, this wasn't what the Founders meant by representative government, let alone "justice."

The justifications for this, in fact, are garbage.  Government jobs are all about power.  When non-citizens, quite likely illegal ones, take those jobs, they get power, and they become the rulers.  The second problem is that citizenship confers loyalty to America.  Non-citizens hold no such requirements and therefore will hold loyalty to another country.  This could present some interesting ideas to the Chinese, or Iranians, or Russians, or Cubans, or Venezuelans, or even Mexicans, who'd like to see a few of their own in certain critical areas of American government itself, looking up records, sending those data back home, and exerting power to act in the country of their loyalty's interests.

We have yet to see a Mexican county job in Mexico's second city, Guadalajara, filled by an Americans, and if it were, we know what Mexicans would think of that.  It goes against the right of citizens to be represented.  Los Angeles officials see skin color and nationality as the only identifier of a person, normal people see citizenship, which actually erases all distinctions between color and race. It's raza über alles for the L.A. County bunch that OKed this.

It comes on the heels of a recent judicial ruling elsewhere that banned non-citizens from voting in local elections.  One hopes that this act will meet a similar fate by some judge at some point, but don't hold your breath.  Huntington Park has already pioneered the appointment of bona fide illegals (who didn't even qualify for the easily obtained DACA status) to city leadership posts.  The slide downward can only continue, with more and more jobs opening to non-citizens of all statuses, erasing the meaning of citizenship even further, and along with it, the right to representative rule.

Image: Screen shot from CBC News video via YouTube.

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