Life in Wokeland

While illegals continue to pile across America's southern border in pursuit of the American Dream, the tickets to Wokeland are not selling.  They are about as popular as Don Joe Biden.  His regime does not want us to notice the following indicators.

Teachers facing more and more demands are no longer eager to support Wokeland.  They want to teach and not indoctrinate.  The work they want and the work they are expected to deliver cheerfully no longer coincide.  Consequently, many teachers are not returning to government schools.

Students unwilling to subject themselves to Wokeland propagandists choose staying home over the endless hours of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion nonsense.  Little girls and young women for some reason do not want to share a locker room with men posing as women.  Some would call that common sense.  Wokesters call that transphobic!

Young men and women of age to serve in the United States Armed Forces are not signing up to hear about the glories of wokism, Comrade Marx, and socialism.  Many who still have patriotic feelings prefer not to hear the country they love denigrated by "comrades" impersonating soldiers and sailors.  If they must fight for their country, they do not want to endure "rules of engagement" that guarantee defeat.  They would rather wash their hair or reorganize their closets.  I am a veteran, but I would not sign up for the transformed military the regime is now offering.

Law enforcement recruitment is also down in Wokeland.  Once upon a time in America, police were respected and admired.  Now Big Brother is monitoring their every move, waiting to pounce on any infraction.  Prosecutors in the pocket of George Soros won't prosecute, and judges won't lock up criminals.  Criminals have no fear of the transformed justice system, and law-abiding citizens live in fear.  For some reason, people don't want to be paper law enforcement officers, because enforcement is not woke.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Likewise, enrollment is down at colleges and universities.  Young men and women are not flocking to temples of wokism that were once institutions of higher learning.  Once known as centers of intellectual diversity and free speech, they have become snowflake incubators.  The costs of attending are rising astronomically as enrollment is dropping.  The real-world mechanics of supply and demand will be felt soon in the ivory towers of academia.

Netflix paid the Obamas millions to produce inspiring programming.  Have you noticed people are not raving about these efforts?  Remember the size of Biden's rallies in 2020?  What about Bill's and Hillary's talking tour across America?  Bad ideas don't sell.  If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, the evidence is out there.

Ned Cosby, a regular contributor to American Thinker, is a pastor, veteran Coast Guard officer, and retired career public high school teacher.  His newest novel OUTCRY is a love story exposing the refusal of Christian leaders to report and discipline clergy who sexually abuse our young people.  This work of fiction addresses crimes that are all too real.  Cosby has also written RECOLLECTIONS FROM MY FATHER'S HOUSE, tracing his own odyssey from 1954 to the present.  For more info, visit Ned Cosby.

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