Know your enemy

If you're reading this, you have powerful enemies.

Start with our puppet president, Crusty Joe.  He's called Trump-supporters — those who would make America great again — the "most extreme political organization" that ever existed in American history.

If you love America, you're an enemy of the state in Joe Biden's increasingly fried mind, and he'd like nothing more than to give you the January 6 treatment: lock you in a cell, take away your constitutional rights, and throw away the key.  

The laughably named Justice Department is also your enemy.  They look the other way at Clinton, Biden, BLM, and FBI criminality but send early-morning SWAT teams to the homes of Trump-supporters, administration members, and now President Trump himself.  That's, of course, when they're not busy targeting concerned parents who protest against the absolute crap being taught in public schools.

The teachers' unions are also your enemy.  They donate almost monolithically to Democrats, and Democrats reward them with sweet, unsustainable union contracts.  Together, the teachers' unions and Democrats ruined two entire years of education for American students, all under the guise of COVID-19 prevention.

After the raid on Mar-a-Lago, does any God-fearing, patriotic American need to be told that the utterly corrupt FBI is your enemy?  No, you're just a smelly, potentially criminal Walmart shopper in the FBI's mind.

And why did Democrats recently inject the IRS with steroids, sending $40,000,000,000 in funding and adding 87,000 agents to that much-feared agency?  To come after those, like yourself, with unapproved political views.  The IRS is most definitely your enemy.

The mainstream media are your enemy.  They lie just as easily as they breathe.  They conspired with many of the malefactors listed above to take down President Trump, and they'd be happy to take you down, too.

The federal health agencies, lead by that evil dwarf Fauci, Dr. Scarf, and the retired fabulist Dr. Francis Collins, are your enemy.  They purposely lied about the origins of COVID-19, totally mishandled the public health response, and crushed millions of lives and businesses with their draconian and ineffective recommendations and statutes.  The white coat bureaucrats made everything about the Wuhan Flu pandemic so much worse, yet none of them paid a price.  You did.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry are your enemy.  They are the Deep State's public relations arm and interested only in promoting deviancy, anti-Americanism, and falsehoods.  Plus they're no longer entertaining, unless you're ten years old or a Spiderman fan.

More than anything, the Democrat party is your enemy.  They're willing to use any means to stay in power, whether it be manipulating a virus for political gain, peacefully burning down cities, letting career criminals run wild, or siccing the IRS on their opponents.  You must understand: the Democrats will do anything, legal or otherwise, to take you down.  Look at what they've done to Donald Trump if you doubt me.

It's frightening, I'm sure, to wake up to the fact that innocent U.S. citizens like yourself have so many powerful enemies, simply because of their political, social, or religious beliefs.

But if we're to have any chance of success in the ongoing war for America's soul, it's most important to know your enemies.

And although I myself am too chicken-hearted to own or handle weapons, I know one thing for sure.  This would not be a good time to give up your guns.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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