John Fetterman’s musing on murderers may be a gift to Dr. Oz

The RNC has discovered some audio of John Fetterman, the Democrat candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, talking about his dreams for the state’s prison population, especially those in prison for murder. Given the state’s soaring prison rate, Pennsylvania voters who haven’t drunk too deep from the leftist Kool-Aid may want to pay attention to what he said...because he’s completely out of his mind. Moreover, this is not because of his stroke, which has slowed his speech; this is leftism, pure and simple.

In the two videos that seem to date from 2020 (hat tip: Red State), Fetterman freely voices his ideas for criminal justice reform. In the more disturbing video, when asked what he would do if he could “fix one thing” in the state, Fetterman was ready: “Life without parole in Pennsylvania.” Then, in what’s a bizarre retreat from reality, Fetterman expands on his dream:

We could save thousands of lives and not make anyone less safe. Also, expunges many permanent records of people who have been living their best lives and have been paying well beyond when they should have for a charge they caught ten, fifteen years ago.

Keep in mind that Fetterman is not speaking about Victorian-era criminals condemned for life for stealing bread or lace. He’s talking about murderers who “have been living their best lives.” I can’t even fathom what that statement means. People in prison for life for killing some poor victim are “living their best lives” after an old murder conviction ten years ago, and should be released onto the streets because that won’t “make anyone less safe.” In which universe is this true?

Moreover, this wasn’t just a one-off statement. In another clip that’s definitely from 2020 and may be from the same interview, Fetterman voices his dream of releasing 30% of the Pennsylvania prison population. And again, he insists that this won’t make anyone in Pennsylvania less safe.

America is suffering from a massive crime wave, Philadelphia included. Voters don’t need fancy studies to tell them that one of the major tools in protecting a community’s citizens is to separate criminals from both their past and their probable future victims. Fetterman, though, has the opposite dream. He wants to get criminals back on the streets.

Currently, Fetterman is still up in the polls against Oz by a significant 13 points according to some polls and by only 4 points according to an Emerson College poll. Oz has struggled as a candidate, making some unforced errors and receiving no help from a GOP that views him as a MAGA candidate and, therefore, more dangerous even than the Democrat party. Nevertheless, Oz is far better than a candidate whose biggest, most fervent dream is to flood America’s streets with “safe” criminals, including murderers. It’s time for Pennsylvania’s voters to wise up a bit and send Fetterman back to his parents’ basement.

Image: John Fetterman and his sad supporters (edited). YouTube screen grab.

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