Joe Biden uses $500,000 in federal funds to construct himself a personal border wall

Border walls?  Who needs border walls?

Apparently, only Joe Biden does.  The rest of us can go without.

According to a furious editorial by the New York Post:

President Joe Biden is all for open borders — except when it comes to the one around his own vacation spot.

He's stuck taxpayers with a bill for close to half a million for a security fence around his Delaware beach house, a project ongoing since last September, contracted out to a local builder by the Department of Homeland Security. 

The irony is rich: The same agency Biden has used to help erase the US southern border is overseeing a wall around the president's ocean hideaway.

Yes, presidents need security (especially in these deranged political times). But the nation and the people who inhabit it also need security — as do those who aspire to come here. 

It comes on the heels of news that some five million illegal migrants have crossed into the U.S. on Joe Biden's watch, which is almost a couple of Los Angeleses' worth.  About a tenth of those, according to news reports, are known as "gotaways," foreigners with criminal records, or ongoing criminal business for the most part, who have good reasons from their own point of view, to avoid any contact with the Border Patrol, even with its easy, sure-thing "catch and release" policies.  Characters from the terrorist watch lists have been sporadically apprehended, with gotaways on that front unknown, so that's some protection these Bidenites are offering.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has since signed off on a bill authorizing 87,000 new IRS agents to target America's small business owners, who are disproportionally located in areas hit hardest by illegal immigration.  The little-guy business owners get audits from this ravenous new ramped up bureaucracy, but zero protection, from either a wall, or additional Border Patrol agents, to guard the border from unvetted foreign invaders.

A Fox Business host, Jackie deAngelis, here, notes that there's an additional irony in that America's blue cities have become crime-infested hellholes, with the criminal element forcing law-abiding Americans, such as herself, to carry pepper spray with her wherever she goes.  Biden has no fences or walls for the likes of law-abiding her, but for himself, a nice big $500,000 border wall for his beach house, which in Biden's striving circles is considered prestigious.  Hey, look — he's a rich guy who can fence off the hoi polloi, just as Mark Zuckerberg can.  And a $500,000 fence is a pretty penny.  It may be more than Zuckerberg has paid for his rich-man privileges.

A personal border wall on the old beach house is also useful for going skinny-dipping, which Biden is said to be all in for, and generally walking around naked, which the continuous stream of anecdotes suggests is a Biden specialty.  In addition, Biden spends considerable time with his self-identified top adviser, Hunter Biden, so all kinds of activity may be going on that he'd like a little less scrutiny on.

Whatever the purpose of this, he was fine before without the monster wall, but now he needs it.  He just doesn't think Americans need any protection of even the most basic sort.

It goes to show what a flaming hypocrite he is.

Image: Screen shot from Fox Business video via YouTube.

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