Joe Biden had better things to do than honor the 13 fallen service members of Kabul

The one-year anniversary of Joe Biden's disastrous pullout from Afghanistan has come and gone, and Biden himself is expecting that you've got better things to do, same as he does, so nobody the wiser.

Which is pretty appalling, because when a suicide bomber blew up a gate at Kabul airport on August 26, 2021, taking down 13 U.S. service members, and 200 others, that was the ultimate service sacrifice, well in need of a memorial from the commander-in-chief on whose watch it occurred.

At a minimum, they could be honored and remembered on the one-year anniversary of their deaths, right?

Not by Joe Biden.

Joe had better things to do, and it wasn't confined to looking at his watch.

Such as:

A comedian -- named Jay Leno, a favorite of Democrats and a partisan whose game is the laughathon.

That seemed singularly inappropriate to the family members of the servicemen and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice on his watch:



Instead of honor them, he was yukking it up with a comedian for political gain.

Biden also was out sliming Trump-voting Republicans with a term he (or his controllers) made up, calling them "semi-fascists":



Instead of honoring the young servicemembers cut off in the prime of life, and who, based on their biographies, were the best of the best, Joe was out making headlines by smearing Republicans.

AT deputy editor Andrea Widburg has some observations about that here.

He also gave the time of day to abortion extremists, one of whom called for castrating men.



He just didn't have time for the families of the fallen service members.

It's definitely part of his utterly detachment on Afghanistan, something that characters like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have duly noted, and adjusted their calculii accordingly. Biden's August 16, 2021 speech on the rapidly unfolding Afghanistan fiasco, was notably coldhearted

His trip to Maryland to greet the arriving coffins of the lost service members, two of them highly regarded women, was also cold and detached, with Joe looking at his watch as the coffins were solemnly brought in.

 But it's not like he doesn't honor some people.

It's just not service members under his "leadership" as commander-in-chief who he asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.



 It's a vile picture, given that Biden had a golden opportunity to patch up some of his blunders with a solemn memorialization of the brave lost service members, particularly since new details have emerged -- that the CIA had a bead on the suicide bomber earlier and the military under Biden had been prohibited from taking him out before he could kill. He could have made right his despicable watch-glancing maneuver.

But he refused. He chose to go on Leno instead and engage in slimey partisan politics, over honoring the men and women killed on his watch.

To paraphrase the Marine sergeant turn of phrase: This is not a man -- this is a maggot.

Image: Twitter screen shot



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