It would be foolish of conservatives not to support Trump in 2024

Trump’s energy and wit remains unparalleled. The 76-year-old former president has more stamina and endurance than most 20-year-olds -- and that is not hyperbole. Even while out of office, President Trump continues to embark on a steady schedule of campaign rallies and appearances. Just last week, he delivered a dynamic speech at CPAC in Texas. Perhaps even more impressive, though, is his youthful acuity. Trump is as sharp as a tack and displays absolutely no signs of slowing down cognitively. 

Meanwhile, the pro-DeSantis hype seems to have plateaued. DeSantis, without question, has a bright political future, however, now is not his time. The Republican establishment must accept that Trump still has a firm grasp on the GOP electorate. Furthermore, Trump still has an exuberant base. Trump, being the raucous and hammy showman that he is, exudes energy and charisma. DeSantis, conversely, is largely unhumorous and rather flat. While DeSantis clearly is intelligent and displays an impressive kind of cognitive agility -- especially when dealing with the left-wing media, he does not have the kind of audience command and vibrant personality that Trump has. DeSantis often appears stoic and stiff.

To be fair though, DeSantis is young and has much to learn. He, undoubtedly, has incredible potential and would make a great President in say 2028 or 2032. For the time being, though, he would be better suited to continue his successful governorship and keep on elevating his name ID on the national stage. The country needs DeSantis -- just not now. 

Image: Gilbert Mercier

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