Is Tucker right that the Biden administration is provoking a hot war with China?

Tucker Carlson understands that Nancy Pelosi's planned trip to Taiwan is not the first act in the politics between America and China but is the latest act in a decades-long relationship that has seen China steadily usurp America's lead both economically and militarily.  It's All about Eve on a national scale, with shy, backward China systematically working to take on America's role in the world, although without the tiresome liberty part.  In this version, though, America isn't just a victim; she's an accomplice, aiding China in her own destruction.

(For those of you unfamiliar with it, in All about Eve, Bette Davis is Margo Channing, the established, famous Broadway actress — that is, she's like America.  Anne Baxter is Eve, the seemingly sweet fan who, through guile and aggression, co-opts Channing's personal and professional lives.  Eve is the equivalent of China.  At the end of the movie, things don't go well for Eve, but Channing is also badly damaged.)

Tucker is very certain about what's going on: Joe Biden, having continued the work that all presidents but for Donald Trump began, which is to turn America into China's colony, has now taken the utterly irrational step of baiting China into a military confrontation with America.  That step is the insistence that Nancy Pelosi, who manages to combine her habitual viciousness with seemingly escalating dementia, will go to Taiwan.

Image: Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, 2015 (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

There's no reason for Pelosi to go to Taiwan, especially because doing so messes with the careful, friendly neutrality America has maintained toward that valiant, productive little island for decades now.  China insists that Taiwan is a breakaway part of the communist People's Republic of China, while Taiwan (AKA the Republic of China) insists that it is the legitimate government of the Chinese nation.  In other words, for China and Taiwan, this is very serious business.  Taiwan bristles like a porcupine with weaponry because China presents an omnipresent threat to turn its military and population heft against the island.

I sincerely hope that Tucker is wrong that the Biden administration is walking us into war.  After all, as Tucker notes, the Biden administration has significantly weakened our military because of its obsession with race and the LGBTQ++ agenda.  In addition, we are utterly dependent on China for everything, from basic medicines (painkillers and antibiotics) to most of our technology.  Alternatively, if we're not dependent on China for technology, we're dependent on Taiwan for that same technology — and China has the ability to block all shipping from there to here.

Here's an alternative idea that I'm pretty much pulling out of thin air because the thought of a war with China terrifies me.  It riffs off the fact that Tom Cotton claims that the Biden administration deliberately leaked the story about Pelosi going to China.  Why would it do that?

Perhaps what we're witnessing is an elaborate pantomime involving both China and the Biden administration.  Keep in mind that, as Tucker points out, Joe Biden has already yielded completely to China on all things:

He is a toady to China. Since the day Biden was elected, he has helped the Chinese government in ways that no American president has ever even contemplated, a partial list. The administration helped cover up the origins of COVID even after it became very clear that this global pandemic, which wrecked the American economy, was created by the Chinese military, but we can't mention that because it's racist.  

Then, the White House shut down a counterespionage program designed to stop Chinese spying, which is endemic in the United States. Then, Biden dropped tariffs against Chinese goods. Then, he refused to do anything to move critical manufacturing back to the United States. At the same time, he's literally selling our strategic oil reserves to China in the middle of a domestic energy crisis and, by the way, handing our entire energy grid over to the government of China and then to top it off today, the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, who acts as the White House spokesman all of a sudden for some reason said this, "We do not support Taiwan independence."

Perhaps the spectacle of Biden and Pelosi standing up to China now is simply part of a careful script.  Hear me out:

China has significant economic problems, and, although its military is formidable, it also has the weakness of all totalitarian militaries, which is that it's inflexible and it can't address its own problems.  Moreover, its weapons are "made in China" (meaning they're badly made).  For all the huffing and puffing, China probably does not want a war.  With an election coming up, there's a benefit to both China and Biden for Joe to look brave and powerful to the American people, even as he continues to sell out America to the Chinese. 

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