If I were Trump's adviser...

When President Trump re-takes the White House in 2024, we conservatives will be in charge of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate.

That is the time to fix what has gone so horribly wrong ever since COVID and the 2020 election.

Having read Trump's book, The Art of the Deal, I am going to attempt a death-defying feat here by offering him advice. 

His book reveals him to be infinitely patient and a strategic thinker, making few mistakes.  He's a winner, a fighter, and I take a great risk by daring to give him advice.  Nevertheless, here is a list of priorities I'd like to see implemented.  I believe that conservatives and sane liberals throughout America would like to see these things happen.  Here goes:

  • Re-open the Keystone and other pipelines to re-establish our energy independence.  Drill as though our lives depend on it.
  • Fire the entirety of upper-level FBI and DOJ and replace them with unbiased people, or known conservative players.
  • Immediately fire any federal officials who refuse to prosecute criminals. 
  • Fire appointees who populate government agencies who have been making law — e.g., the Department of Education, the EPA, the FBI, the IRS, and the other alphabet agencies that have seen fit to legislate behind Congress's back, and often with Congress's imprimatur.
  • Clean out our military of all vestiges of Critical Race Theory (CRT).  If that means firing officers, do it.
  • Ditto government schools at all levels: CRT should be eliminated as overt racism.
  • Outlaw voting machines entirely and go back to paper ballots.  Forbid the counting of votes past midnight on Election Day.  No exceptions.
  • Cleanse all government entities of all sex/gender/drag materials and ideology.  Such education should be left to parents, guardians, and religious entities.
  • Forbid lockdowns for any reason.
  • Immediately stop "COVID relief funds" and put able-bodied people back to work. 
  • No congressman will be permitted to financially benefit from any upcoming legislation within ten years of implementation.
  • Fast-track all complaints by citizens regarding IRS audit bias or harassment against conservatives.
  • Any whiff of IRS agents' bias against white people will result in immediate dismissal of said agent.
  • Pardon all Trump people and any other conservatives who were unconstitutionally charged, harassed, or imprisoned by Democrats for political "crimes."  This includes, but is not limited to, all J6 prisoners.
  • Send an elite team to Afghanistan to get our weapons back and to release any Americans being held there.
  • Investigate Hillary, Joe and Hunter Biden, and Nancy Pelosi for Chinese connections, Chinese influence, and the Russia-Russia-Russia illegalities.
  • Relieve fertilizer shortages and prescription drug shortages that are due to overseas supply problems.  Manufacture our own.
  • Give American farmers relief by putting them back to work.  Ditto every business and job hurt by the shutdown and by the sabotaged economy — e.g., truckers, food chain workers, etc.
  • Begin the process of instituting term limits for all congressmembers.

That's it for starters.  I don't know how much Trump can actually do himself, but what he cannot do, he can influence others to do, then let TPTB fix it. 

No doubt I have left out some critical matters that need fixing.  We can get to those as well at some point. 

We voters have spent the last two years angry and frustrated that the levers of power are jammed insofar as justice goes.  It is past time to take back some sanity in America if for no other reason than that it will annoy the living hell out of the left and allow them to feel our fiery outrage.

We Americans now know the pain and suffering leftist policies cause.  The left are unrepentant, though.  They are doubling down, saying they know that Americans are suffering, but they simply don't care, and we need to get used to it.  Well...no.

It is not up to the left to lower everyone else's standard of living except their own, then to claim the moral high ground "for the sake of the planet."  We know that's a lie.  They know it's a lie, and Trump knows it's a lie.  I hope he has a list of who has been naughty and nice.

Karma may be a booger, schadenfreude may be petty, vengeance may be for God alone, but justice is sweet.  I would like to see some justice for the crimes against America that the left have committed.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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