How many Americans shall we kill for the greater good?

Let's assume that for the greater good, the US admits 10,000 people per year from Middle East countries (or any countries) that sponsor, encourage, or train terrorists.  Now, most of the people will be truly decent folks and just want to be left alone and make a better life for themselves.  Hurray!

Now let's assume that out of this 10,000 people admitted to the land of the free, ten are true terrorists.  And these ten terrorists are able to kill from 10 to 100 innocent U.S. citizens by an act of terrorism, and they are willing to die for this act with the blessing their flavor of deity or ideology — which has happened.  Thus, for the greater good, from 100 to 1,000 innocent U.S. citizens per year must die. 

 By similar reasoning, for the greater good, we should admit 100,000 illegal aliens (often referred to as undocumented migrants) per month.  Now let's assume that one percent of these aliens are criminals of all sorts — child-molesters, rapists, thieves, murders, terrorists, ad infinitum.  That's 1,000 crimes per month suffered by innocent U.S. citizens...for the greater good

 The question, then, is how much suffering by U.S. citizens is required before these U.S. citizens resist this government-sponsored fiasco and stop this insane Biden Migration Program?

The only way to change this ridiculous system is to vote out those who support this lunacy.  Yet some people — à la NYC — just accept this as as good as it gets syndrome, and as long as I (the generic I) am not affected, I'll keep the same elected city councilmen, D.A., state attorney general, state Supreme Court judges, state and federal representatives, state and federal senators, state governor, and U.S. president.

Remember: it's for the greater good.

Image via Pexels.

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