'Healthy at any weight is an unchallenged lie'

My apolitical daughter said, "Mom, did you see the new Bill Maher about people being fat?"  She was thrilled about it because it told the truth about obesity.

The dangerous and latest "woke" trend is to glamorize obesity and shame people for trying to lose weight or be fit.  I watched the video, and she's right.  Maher is straightforward about the extreme anti-science trend embodied in a movement that pretends that deeply unhealthy lifestyles are something to be celebrated.

Maher still lays claim to being a leftist, and on certain issues, I'm sure he is.  For example, I know that if I asked him, he'd say it's time for America to have socialized medicine.  I wouldn't be surprised, either, to learn that he supports government unions.  And I'm sure he hates Trump with a passion.

The problem for Maher, though, is that he's intelligent, he's observant, he remembers life before the turn of the century, and he is beginning to recognize that America is at a tipping point.  If we go any farther in the direction of the woke dictatorship, our country will collapse.

Image: Bill Maher.  YouTube screen grab.

In the past couple of years, unlike "comedians" such as Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Trevor Noah, Maher keeps coming out with opening monologues that do two things none of the other leftist show hosts do: he's funny, and he attacks leftist shibboleths.  Among other things, he's challenged transgenderism and the whole "Pride" phenomenon; agreed with Kellyanne Conway that the New York Times is a propaganda outlet, not a news outlet; let the left know that even most of America's conservative states are more liberal on abortion than European nations are; and noted that Justin Trudeau was beginning to sound full fascist.

Maher continued this "calling out the left" trend on Friday, when he spent seven minutes excoriating the highly anti-scientific trend that sees mainstream culture celebrate fat as beautiful, healthy, and normative.  It's not, he said.  It's unhealthy, and to pretend otherwise is damaging to both individuals and society as a whole.

The best advice I've heard lately for those seeking to lose weight is the SEAT diet: Stop Eating All the Time.  Basically, the SEAT diet is the one Maher recommends for Americans.  That used to be garden-variety advice; now it takes courage to say that aloud, and Maher showed laudable courage in doing so.

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