Gov. Abbott's idea to bus illegal migrants from Texas to NYC and DC is getting their attention

Back in April, Texas's Republican governor, Greg Abbott, pledged to bus migrants who had entered Texas illegally to Washington, D.C. on a voluntary basis.

It was laughed at in the press and among Democrats as a "publicity stunt" at the time.  But the governor was dead serious and kept that promise.  Leadership is contagious, and Abbott was soon joined by Arizona's Gov. Douglas Ducey.

For months, the states of Texas and Arizona have been sending charter buses of illegal border-crossers being let in by Joe Biden's open borders policy to Washington, D.C.'s Union Station, near the Capitol building, and now to New York City, led by Mayor Eric Adams, who loudly proclaims his city a sanctuary city, with laws on the books saying the city is required to provide housing to all comers.

Abbott's office says that over 6,100 migrants have been bused to D.C. so far.

Abbott expanded his operation by transporting migrants to the Big Apple, which he said like Washington, D.C. is an "ideal destination" due to the city's generous treatment of homeless people.

However, officials based in D.C. and NYC, despite their claims of compassion, aren't exactly giving the migrants the red carpet treatment.

NPR reports that when the migrants disembark, they find neither the local nor federal government there to meet them.

Even Joe Biden's White House, which is responsible for the border crisis, isn't exactly welcoming D.C.'s new guests.

Speaking to reporters, Biden's press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, slammed Gov. Abbott for sending aliens to NYC and D.C., calling it "another stunt of busing desperate migrants across the country, and he's using them as a political ploy."

Democrat D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser also hasn't embraced the new arrivals. 

The New York Times reported that the influx of migrants prompted Bowser to ask the Defense Department to send the National Guard.  Bowser said in an interview with CBS's Face the Nation that migrants are putting a strain on homeless shelters.  At last report, the Defense Department turned her down.  They didn't want anything to do with this fiasco, either.

Mayor Adams wasn't too thrilled at the prospect of welcoming thousands of new guests from foreign lands to his city, either.

Adams slammed Abbott for busing migrants to his city.  Adams said the city had received 4,000 asylum-seekers since May, fueling a 10-percent growth in the homeless population, with about 100 new arrivals each day.  Adams is calling on the federal government for assistance, which is the same federal government that turned down Abbott when he asked for assistance.

Perhaps for the first time, the open border fanatics are dealing with the practical challenges of confronting a massive incursion of migrants in their neighborhoods.

If the Democrats were true believers in open borders such that they practiced what they preached, they would have welcomed the migrants with open arms.

But that is not the case.

The open border fanatics purposefully misinterpret U.S. immigration laws.  They often refer to the quote under the Statue of Liberty: "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" and brand the U.S. as "a nation of immigrants," citing the migrants from Europe who settled in the U.S. through the last three centuries, to give the impression that every migrant has the right to enter the U.S. and it is the duty of the government to provide for all of them.

What they purposefully ignore is that norms change with time and that there are laws about immigration dating to the Founding Fathers. 

Laws, in fact, change with time.

During Abraham Lincoln's era, the White House had no security.  However, in 1864, when President Lincoln was fired upon while riding to a soldier's home, Lincoln was assigned a police guard and cavalry escort.

It wasn't enough for him on April 14, 1865, when he was assassinated, so the Secret Service was founded in the sorrowful aftermath.

Today, the White House is a fortress with myriad high-tech security measures and thousands of security personnel.

If the White House that was once unguarded has become a fortress, then the border that was once open now deserves similar protection.

The taxpaying citizen deserves as much protection as the representatives he elects, who also have some ferocious security.

Back to the problem of open borders.

The open borders proponents seldom suffer the consequences of their ideas.

Most illegal migrants are settled in working-class neighborhoods in border states, or throughout California on the outskirts of huge cities such as Los Angeles and its adjacent Inland Empire.

If some among the migrants commit crimes, the sufferers are the working-class citizens.  If the migrants work for lower wages, once again, working-class citizens will suffer job losses or wage depression.

If the migrants inundate public infrastructure such as parks and pavements and facilities such as schools and hospitals, once again, the citizen's needs will be ignored.

If numerous migrants are given voting rights, the mandate of the citizens is drowned.  If migrants outnumber the citizens, the culture and values begin to erode.

This is a long-term project of the Democrats — to inundate key areas with Democrat voters such that elections become irrelevant.  They have implemented this in New York and California where even the brightest Republican is certain to lose against the most inept Democrat. 

If they implement this in a few other states, they can have permanent control over the Executive Branch, and perhaps even the Legislative Branch.

When a GOP president or governor attempts to enforce the law, the open border proponents give unending speeches about compassion and diversity at locations that ironically have restricted admission and armed security.

Since border security is the responsibility of the federal government, state governors often find themselves in a helpless situation.  The best they can do is deploy law enforcement to inspect vehicles entering their state and border areas for illegal migrants.  If migrants are discovered, they have to be detained by the state, which is once again a burden on taxpayers.

Abbott's idea to transport illegal migrants to liberal cities is novel.  It compels liberals to suffer the consequences of their bad ideas.

It also exposes them as hypocrites.  They may claim to possess ceaseless empathy for illegal migrants.  However, when a bus full of poor and uneducated foreigners reaches their doorstep, the compassion melts into thin air and they even demand draconian measures to protect their interests.

Perhaps Abbott should dispatch the next bus of migrants to Martha's Vineyard, where the Obamas live, or to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, where Joe Biden spends most of his time, or to a locality near one of the multiple mansions owned by millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders.

According to Homeland Security, more than 2.5 million illegal aliens crossed the southern border since Biden took over.  The actual number has to be considerably higher.

This is a national crisis and the responsibility lies solely with the Democrats.

Biden invited migrants of the world to come to the U.S. during his campaign and shortly after he was elected.  Biden also undid or attempted to undo many measures President Trump had put in place to deter illegal migration and asylum abuse.

Back in April, Biden requested $97.3 billion from the Department of Homeland Security.  The proposed budget assigns taxpayer funds to hire Border Patrol agents and "coordinators" who will "receive and process" illegal aliens at Border Patrol facilities — i.e., provide legal status for aliens via asylum. 

This led many to believe that this was a purposeful measure to engineer a demographic change that could enable electoral gains for Democrats.

We go back to the fundamentals.

Any real estate property is primarily defined by its geographic borders.

This principle must also apply to a country.

A nation is identified by its people, its religions and culture, its languages, and most importantly its values.  All of the attributes are protected by its borders and the ability to decide whom to admit and whom to restrict.

Once borders are eliminated, the nation ceases to exist.

Image: Screen shot from NBC News video via YouTube.

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