FBI harasses a Republican congressman, and what will the GOP do?

A Washington Post account, August 10, of the FBI swoop-down at Mar-a-Lago included a report indicating that some 30 to 40 FBI agents in ten to fifteen vehicles were in the search party.  Isn't that a lot of personnel to serve a search warrant and grab a bunch of documents?  What were the FBI raiders prepared for — a violent response from the Secret Service detail at Donald J. Trump's Florida home?

Speaking of violence, apparently, the defenders of police state tactics on the left comprehend the threat of violence when conservatives speak of this regime's weaponization of the justice system.  Just see Dana Milbank's August 10 column in The Washington Post, or the article "Simmering threat of violence comes to fore" in the same edition of The Post.  More likely, it seems that the left is stretching its anti-Republican propaganda to justify a crackdown on GOP voters — in time for the coming midterm elections?

The truth is, all the demonizing of former President Trump is just hogwash.  How fond the left has been of denouncing him as, among other evils, "authoritiarian."  Authoritarian presidents don't get investigated for nearly two years by "special counsel," particularly when the House and Senate have majorities representing the same party as the "authoritarian" president.  Authoritarian presidents don't get impeached one time, let alone two times.  Dissidents would not dare insult, much less lie about, an authoritarian president on a daily basis.  Why?  Because an authoritarian president would have the dissident thrown in jail — if not disappeared.

The fact of the matter is, the left never had the slightest fear of the former president.  Would leftists have demeaned him, otherwise, as a buffoon?

Mr. Trump got it right in his statement after the search raid: he is hated by the establishment — for being a conservative populist, for opposing those who, in Madison's words in Federalist No. 57, "aim at an ambitious sacrifice of the many to the aggrandizement of the few."  Mr. Trump, all along, has stood with the "forgotten American," with the people in "flyover country."  And should the John and Jane Does of the country stand with Donald J. Trump, the establishment is quick to detect the threat of violence — for the purpose of putting down the spirit of liberty in America.

President Trump, in his inaugural address, vowed to improve life for the forgotten American — and he succeeded, overcoming the resistance of the establishment and its shock troops in the FBI and the Intelligence Community.  Yet the establishment saw his inaugural remarks as a threat to their hegemony, their stranglehold, over the country.

The fault, to borrow from Shakespeare, lies not with former president Trump; the fault lies with the Hillary Clintons, the John Brennans, the James Clappers, and their ilk, who are the existential threat to American liberty.  But it must be said: the enemies of a free people would never get to first base but for the timidity of Republicans in Congress to oppose them.

The day after the FBI swoop-down on Mar-a-Lago, Rep. Scott Perry had his phone seized by — you guessed it — the FBI.  If an FBI agent dared to seize the phone of a Democrat, the entire Democrat caucus would be on the steps of the Capitol denouncing this expression of fascism in America.

This writer sent an email to Mr. Perry's communications director to inquire how the House GOP will respond to this act of Stalinism.  Perhaps Mr. Perry's aide is too busy to respond.  Perhaps Republicans are too busy to respond to queries from citizens about Democrat encroachments on the liberty of a Republican member of Congress.  But to be silent as a group as the FBI abuses a Republican House colleague?

No wonder FBI agents swooped down on Mar-a-Lago.  The establishment is convinced: they may not be above the law; they just happen to be the law.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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