Dick Cheney lashes out at Trump in a campaign ad for daughter Liz

It's been known since 2015, when Donald Trump first came down the escalator, that the Bush family's allegiance is entirely with the Obama-Biden claque.  It was no surprise, therefore, that Liz Cheney would be in the NeverTrump category.  Still, it's been interesting seeing her personal animus toward Trump turn her into the Democrats' most vicious weapon on the January 6 Committee.  And it's even more surprising — and kind of disgusting — to see her drag her dad, Dick, out of his retirement to demonstrate his own personal animus toward Trump.

You know how I love context, so let me start with the automatically generated photo montage that you get when you go to Bing and do a search for "Bush and Obama families":

Could the love fest be more nauseating?  Incidentally, you don't get a montage like that when you do a Bing search for "Bush and Trump families."

Nor do those pictures paint a false impression.  The Bush family absolutely refused to support Donald Trump in 2016.  Whether this was because they were mad that he insulted Low Energy Jeb! or because the Bush clan's "compassionate conservatism" was nothing more than an amalgam of soft leftism and globalism, the fact remained that the two living Republican presidents in 2016 (both named George Bush) effectively threw their weight to Hillary in 2016.  Then, in 2020, the one remaining George Bush effectively backed Biden.

Liz and Dick Cheney were part of this anti-Trump clannishness.  During the early years of the Iraq War, the Bush-Cheney cabal seemed to be pro-American hawks fighting for America's security.  However, given their relaxed attitude to the southern border and their war on Main Street in favor of Wall Street, it became increasingly clear that — and I hate to say this — the anti-war left was correct when it said that the administration's actors were and are nothing more than warmongers.  With Ukraine, Liz Cheney once again sees her role as getting America into a foreign war that confers no benefit on it.

Nothing made this more clear than their response to Trump's refusal to embroil America in new conflicts, his emphasis on border security, and his refusal to kowtow to the Bush clan: they sided with the Democrats because, as between their delicate sensibilities and globalist values, on the one hand, and America's well-being, on the other hand, America didn't stand a chance.

No wonder, then, that Liz Cheney, given a choice between conservative values and trying to destroy Trump, opted to go after Trump.  And if she must destroy hundreds of American lives along the way (remember those J6 prisoners), damage Congress by running a despotic kangaroo court, and abandon all her previously voiced principles to do so...well, omelets and broken eggs, right?

Unfortunately for Liz, even though she's getting a lot of money, most of it is coming from people who don't vote in Wyoming.  Within Wyoming, at least as of April, the big money was going to Liz's opponent, Harriet Hageman.  The polls reflect the money: Wyoming voters are unimpressed by the out-of-state financiers, and Liz seems destined to lose the primary.  The Republican voters whom CNN interviewed were very clear that Liz is not Wyoming's candidate.

It's against this backdrop that Daddy Dick appeared for a TV commercial in which he assured voters that Trump is the greatest threat to America in its history and that only Liz can save the Republic:

Are you sold?  Will anyone who's already not a Busher-Cheneyer-NeverTrumper be persuaded?  

Image: Dick Cheney.  Twitter screen grab.

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