Democrats continue to wage war on the oil industry in the name of 'climate emergency'

As soon as Biden took office, he actively worked to destroy the fossil fuel industry by asking all the federal agencies to focus on climate change through the lens of Democrat policy, despite lacking empirical evidence that it was an "emergency."

The Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking to require all public companies to show how their policies affect climate change.  Not once has the SEC questioned the constant failed predictions of doom by the "experts," nor has anyone requested data proving that fossil fuel consumption causes temperatures to rise — because nobody cares.  From a June article discussing the proposed new rule:

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a proposed new rule that, (if adopted) would require public companies to provide detailed reporting of their climate-related risks, emissions, and net-zero transition plans.

This SEC will use taxpayer money to enrich consultants, CPAs, and lawyers who write worthless, non-productive documents as they feign compliance.

When companies can't reduce their carbon footprint to zero and remain profitable, they simply pay a tax to purchase pieces of paper called carbon credits, or plant trees.  Then the SEC and other leftists will cheer as if their policy was doing something.

As federal agencies issue ineffective regulations as fast as they can, productivity has dropped at the fastest pace since 1948, and unit labor costs have soared, massively contributing to current inflation rates.

This agenda is being implemented not just nationally, but internationally as well.  The U.S. Treasury is obstructing financing for fossil fuel projects throughout the world, and big banks are caving to Democrat pressure to block loans to oil producers. 

As Biden's policies continue to contribute to the soaring price of energy, the Democrats resort to dishonest talking points that the high prices are Russia's fault — it couldn't be Democrat policies at work!  And the establishment media machine just repeats these talking points as if they were true — truly taking the "a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth" propaganda adage to heart. 

Additionally, the Democrats push for massive use of rare earth minerals to produce batteries for all the "electric" technology.  They don't care if the cost of acquisition is rampant pollution and human rights abuses, it's all a means to an end.  From a piece published in the Harvard International Review:

For every ton of rare earth produced, the mining process yields 13kg of dust, 9,600-12,000 cubic meters of waste gas, 75 cubic meters of wastewater, and one ton of radioactive residue.

But even on top of that, there isn't even an adequate supply of minerals to meet the agenda:

The United States needs ten times the amount of rare earth metals it currently has to meet President Biden's ambitious 2030 EV goals, according to one CEO in the business. And it needs 20 to 25 times more to meet the burgeoning needs of the green economy — and the military — as we increase investment in wind power, electric vehicles, and even cell phones to [sic] the year 2050.

President Biden has outlined a goal that 50% of cars sold in 2030 will be zero-emission electric vehicles. 

While Democrats and banks block loans to profitable fossil fuel companies, they encourage investments in failing businesses.  In 2019, CNBC ran this headline: "Electric car start-ups — once seen as threat — now struggle to survive."

Biden, Mayor Pete, and the others tell people that the way to protect against high fuel prices is to simply go purchase an excessively priced, inefficient, and impractical electric car powered by highly flammable pollutant, lithium.

What else might a political party do if the goal was actually to destroy a country, besides destroying affordable energy in the modern world?

Would they have open borders, destroying the rule of law, and creating a scenario where human- and drug-trafficking rates skyrocket?

Would they support district attorneys who refuse to prosecute violent criminals, instead placing them back on the streets?

Would they tell our children that racism is the very underpinning of our nation?  And therefore patriotism equates with oppression?

Would they confiscate a greater share of wealth from the private sector and transfer it to the hands of an ever-growing federal government?

Would they slowly erode the three branches, allowing courts and unelected bureaucrats to pass de facto laws instead of the Legislature? 

Would they politicize and weaponize sacred institutions like those responsible for justice, targeting political opponents instead of criminals?

Trump's conservative approach, like fewer regulations and low-tax policies, was the rising tide lifting all boats — poverty rates hit a record low in 2019.  A party that wanted to destroy our country would oppose policies that worked, and that is the very character of the Democrats!

Image: Chuck Schumer meets with Merrick Garland, Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (resized for compatibility)

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