Democrats continue to dominate public relations

Independent voters, especially Millennials and Generation Z Zoomers, consistently vote for Democrats in general elections because Democrats and the left-wing media have successfully branded conservatives as fascists, racists, violent, and misogynistic, and Republican politicians have done little to dispel this view and even less to illuminate the opposition's brand.  It also doesn't help that Millennials and Zoomers consume their information from free streaming services or from social media, which overwhelmingly push aspects of a great economic and social reset.

A recent example of a GOP failure to convince voters that policy ought to trump emotional accusations: Robert Regan, a GOP candidate for the Michigan Legislature in a conservative district, could not even convince his own daughter to vote for him.  In fact, she actively told people not to vote for her father.  This situation was widely reported on, and he lost.

Let us examine the 2008 recession.  Virtually all of the financial institutions that were involved in the collapse were run by Democrats or had many long-term associations with Democrats: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Countrywide Financial Corp., etc.  Many of these financial institutions engaged in questionable and predatory lending practices such as reverse redlining — lending mortgages, especially adjustable-rate mortgages and subprime rate mortgages — with people they knew would likely not meet the obligations of the mortgages.  Prominent Democrat icons like Angelo Mozilo, Tony Rezko, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Christopher Dodd, Kent Conrad, James Johnson, and Daniel Mudd were involved with these institutions.

In the wake of the crash, very few of these entities or people were prosecuted by Obama's attorney general or Department of Justice.  Many were closely associated with Obama himself.  Republicans were blamed for this financial fiasco, costing them countless congressional seats and the presidency — prior to the October Lehman Brothers collapse, John McCain was leading in the polls.  The Democrats escaped responsibility and accountability for the crash, despite heavy involvement, and instead turned the disaster on the GOP, painting its members as fat-cat financiers.

The truth of the Democrat brand is this: disturbing trends across America rest on Democrat policy.  America's biggest cities have been under Democrat control for decades, and surprise: crime and murder rates in America's big cities have continued to soar even with the most restrictive gun laws, while Republican-controlled jurisdictions' rates remain low.

The usual excuse that Democrats offer is that violence accompanies gun ownership.  However, I live in the East Valley of the Phoenix area, which has approximately one million inhabitants and is under Republican leadership.  Gun ownership in the East Valley is so prevalent that there are probably as many guns as people in the East Valley, and yet we don't have Chicago/Baltimore/D.C./St. Louis murder and crime rates.

Under Democrats, America's big cities are suffering from chronic unemployment, impoverishment, drug and welfare addiction, falling real estate values, rising insurance rates, and fleeing businesses.  Mayors, city councils, and prosecutors (often Soros-funded) in America's big cities have defunded their police and used selective prosecution (prosecutorial discretion) to avoid punishing criminals, especially when they're Antifa and BLM thugs.  Democrat policy is directly responsible for the increase in crime and loss of businesses.  These realities create a domino effect, increasing unemployment and poverty, which in turn creates more crime.

The left-wing media machine has designated the GOP as the party of racism and minority oppression, but the reality is quite the opposite.  America's big cities house a majority of minority-race American citizens, who have been subjected to decades of uninterrupted, failed Democrat social and economic policies, and the result?  Rampant crime and hardship.  Is it because minority-race Americans are inherently prone to crime?  No.  Absolutely not.  Rather, failed Democrat policies have essentially caused a Black Holocaust.

Until GOP politicians, as well as the NRCC and NRSC, start campaigning in general terms in a nationwide communications blitz to spotlight the Democrat brand and their failed policies — especially in Democrat strongholds — unfortunate citizens in urban areas will never understand why they are living an existence one degree removed from a third-world war zone.  Until the GOP takes the offensive in Democrat strongholds and forces them to answer and defend against these accusations, the Democrat brand will dominate the public relations campaign.

Image: Patrick Behn via Pixabay, Pixabay License, free for commercial use, no attribution required

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