Decoding the Democrat disdain for Trump and his supporters

Speaking during a rally last week, New York governor Kathy Hochul said Republicans in New York who do not share her values should "jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong."

After winning the Democrat nomination for governor in Florida, Charlie Crist branded supporters of Gov. Ron DeSantis as haters

At a recent rally, Joe Biden said he doesn't "respect these MAGA Republicans."

At a recent fundraiser, Biden claimed that the "extreme MAGA philosophy" is "like semi-fascism."

Charlie Crist endorsed that opinion:

Last year, Biden claimed that the lifting of mask requirements in Texas and Mississippi was "Neanderthal thinking."

This isn't a new phenomenon.

Back in 2008, Obama claimed that some voters "get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."  Obama was implicitly targeting white working-class voters.

The Democrat chronic superiority complex was also on display during a Democrat fundraiser in 2015, when Hillary Clinton claimed that half of Trump's supporters belonged to a "basket of deplorables."  It wasn't just the content, but also the manner in which it was delivered that showed utter disdain for the working class.

Establishment Republicans are also condescending about Trump and his supporters.

During a CNN panel discussion, "Republican" strategist Rick Wilson referred to Trump-supporters as the "credulous Boomer rube demo."  Wilson even mimicked a Southern accent to lampoon Trump-supporters.  Joining in caricaturing Trump-supporters was Muslim-American Wajahat Ali.  Ali wrote a book about being a target of bigotry, yet there he was, shamelessly displaying his own prejudice.  The host, Don Lemon, who attacks others for their racism and homophobia against him, guffawed uncontrollably.

The lampooning of Trump-supporters continues in TV dramas, films, and "comedy" shows.

This should end the narrative that the Democrats possess boundless compassion, understanding, and empathy.

So what's happening here?

The Democrats have always detested the working class, much before Trump, and they had a similar disdain for George W. Bush's supporters.  But Bush was for gratuitous foreign wars, big government, and even amnesty for illegal aliens — all of which the Democrats ardently supported.  They still attacked him, causing his approval numbers to fall in the lower thirties.  

Back in November 2016, they received the shock of their lives when Trump defeated their favorite, Hillary Clinton.

Before Trump, power was passed from one party to another, but little changed on the ground.  But this time, it was different.

In Trump, they saw a real threat to their permanence in Washington.  Trump had pledged to drain the swamp.  He made that perfectly clear in his inaugural speech in January 2017.  The speech rattled D.C., and even Republican George W. Bush purportedly referred to it as "weird s---."

The self-righteous seldom see their own faults.  Hence, instead of introspecting and initiating remedial measures, they chose denial.  They convinced themselves that the fault lay in a vast group of ignoramuses and bigots who followed the Pied Piper of Mar-a-Lago.  They used terms like "post-truth" to call Trump voters both gullible and malicious, subscribing to conspiracy theories.

Trump was their primary target.

They spied on the Trump campaign.  They organized "protest marches."  They threatened electoral delegates, telling them to vote for someone other than Trump, despite him winning the states.  They installed saboteurs in Trump's White House.  Despite knowing that it was the public that rejected them, they concocted the Russian collusion hoax to claim that the elections had been manipulated.  They baselessly impeached Trump twice.  They continue to persecute Trump and his supporters.  All these lies are propagated by the media.

What incurs their wrath is that their multiple-prolonged campaigns have had very little impact on the ground.

Trump continues to be a force to reckon with in the GOP and a monumental impediment to their supremacy.  The Democrats blame Trump voters for all of this.

This is the root cause of all their hatred, in addition to their delusions of superiority.

They are angered further when they see packed Trump rallies, where Trump seems unaffected by their attempts to destroy him and relentlessly mocks them and makes them the butt of his jokes.

Their unrelenting disdain causes them to pejoratively refer to Trump-supporting states as "flyover country."

If this isn't bigotry, what is?

The Democrats never tire of telling people how Trump is bigoted and boorish, but never once did Trump insult Democrat voters.  He always confronted corrupt politicians, journalists, and other powerful detractors.  Never did he punch down.  In fact, he supported their democratic rights, even when they held baseless protests against him.

The Democrats don't seem to care to comprehend why Trump and his MAGA movement gained such traction in the first place.

The primary cause was that the coastal elites prospered at the expense of regular working-class Americans.  They shipped jobs to foreign countries to maximize their profits and didn't care that industrial towns across the U.S. turned into graveyards.  They used climate change to place punishing regulations on small businesses.  Hillary vowed to put coal miners and coal companies out of business.

They frequently opt for cheaper foreign migrant workers, leaving the citizen either with lower wages or else unemployed.  They focused on gratuitous foreign wars and rebuilding faraway nations, which costs billions of dollars while citizens suffered.  They secured cushy and lucrative jobs for themselves and their loved ones through favoritism and cronyism while regular people suffered.

In fact, Obama even claimed that America was in inevitable decline, and he was the one to manage it.  However, this decline wasn't going to impact Obama or his fellow "elites" in any way.  They would continue to "rule" and be wealthy; it was the working class who would struggle.

Those struggles for the working class have worsened under Biden.  Inflation is at a 40-year high; there is an uncontrolled influx of migrants, and the drug addiction crisis continues, as does the crime wave.  The economic hardships worsened due to lockdowns and vaccine mandates. 

The bond between Trump and his voters was always strong, but Biden's misgovernance has made the bond stronger still, and perhaps unbreakable.

Since they cannot break the bond and cannot win Trump voters over, the Democrats are facilitating an uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens.  They think these illegal aliens will become the new voter base for the Democrats and will drown out the impact of the Trump voters.  They also know that these poor, unskilled and potentially criminal illegal aliens will never be resettled in their gated neighborhoods, hence their lives will never be impacted. 

When the nation is in such as severe crisis, it is the media, the various institutions, and the opposition who are supposed to hold the corrupt who are inebriated by power accountable.

Alas, the Democrats run the media and have hijacked the leadership of institutions and investigative agencies.  The opposition — i.e., the Republican leadership, is willingly placid because the MAGA movement threatens their monopoly, too.

The MAGA movement may have been launched by Donald Trump from Trump Tower, but it grew because of support from the grassroots.

The future of America is in the hands of the MAGA movement. 

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