Cringe: Democrats repackage Doddering Joe in sleek new image as 'Dark Brandon'

They tried to repackage President Trump's supporters as "ultra MAGA," a term they took as a compliment.

Now they're trying the same thing again with doddering Joe Biden.  They're repackaging him as — are you ready? — "Dark Brandon."

Most of the momentum is coming from the White House staff itself, based on what we see in a report describing the new spin from The Hill.

This creature here is a deputy White House press secretary:

This one here is the White House director of digital strategy:

They're quite the coordinated little elves, aren't they?

What's disgusting here is how much of a joke this is.  Biden isn't some supernatural-powered cartoon character to be watched with fascination by the Saturday morning Frosted Flakes set.

He's a doddering old fool, a clown, a corrupt pol, a nasty, mean, constantly naked creep who can't keep his hands off the little girls, properly train a dog, or raise a kid to not be a plague on society, let alone stand up to leftist crazies.  He's unable to avoid "bathroom incidents," can't read a teleprompter, can't put his coat on, can't take simple directions from the Secret Service to the White House door, can't control his bowels around royalty, can't win an election without cheating, and certainly can't stay out of the corruption pits.

It seems that Anita Dunn and pals, or whoever is coming up with this re-packaging, attempting to premise it on Biden's "success" at getting the "Inflation Reduction Act" passed, are taking this one, two, many steps way out from the reality belt.

Everything about him is a failure, and Biden himself often seems to know it.  The inflation, open border, international humiliation, out-of-control crime, falling wages, supply chain failures, baby formula shortages, wokester lunacies, military recruiting deficits, and the grand sense from voters that the country is moving in the wrong direction are his legacy.

Dark Brandon?  Like he's some romantic and heroic and brooding figure?

Give us a break.  This is President Depends, the Korruption King of Delaware, not Batman.

Nothing speaks better for Democrats' delusions and disillusion than this sorry effort to turn "Let's Go Brandon" into "Dark Brandon."

Even the Washington Post is skeptical, with a column by Molly Roberts run under this headline: "The Dark Brandon meme can't escape death."

Left-wing Rolling Stone said it even better: "The 'Dark Brandon' Meme Has Died From a Terminal Case of Cringe."

It's frankly ridiculous.  And it's premised on the idea that the public is so cartoon-addled and so out of touch with real life that it's stupid enough to buy it.  No wonder even the left is grossing out.

You can imagine what the rest of us think.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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