Colbert had a pair of propagandists on to lobby for the green slush fund

It seems that every day in movies, on TV shows, in newspapers, and from politicians, we see warnings of doom if we don't destroy the fossil fuel industry.

It is no wonder that so many kids and other young people commit suicide and abuse drugs when they are told constantly that we are destroying the planet and we have only a few years left.

This week, talk show host Stephen Colbert had two talking puppets from the Obama administration on as guests to claim that life will be much worse and shorter if the GOP is able to stop the green slush fund in Congress, falsely labeled the "Inflation Reduction Act."

Here's how bad it was:

Obama Aides Warn Colbert GOP Wants To 'Make Life Worse and Shorter' 

The use of the word "literally" was literally abused on the Tuesday edition of CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as former Obama aides and the cast of Pod Save America joined the namesake host to say that the recent Schumer-Manchin agreement represents "literally the last chance to save the planet" and that Republicans want to "make life worse and shorter."

After the quartet talked through their complicated feelings for the senior senator from West Virginia, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau explained Manchin was persuaded "that this is the — might be the last chance, literally the last chance to save the planet, and that he could help do that with a bill that was also good for the economy, good for West Virginia, and also good for his own politics."

Colbert has as little curiosity as the rest of the media does on climate change supposedly caused by fossil fuels and humans.

The puppets didn't offer any scientific data or evidence to show why life would be worse and shorter, and Colbert didn't ask for any because he didn't care.

Colbert didn't ask why the temperature is essentially the same as it was 1,000 years ago because he doesn't care.

Colbert doesn't have any curiosity as to why the temperature has had both up and down periods the last 150 years if CO2, fossil fuels, and humans cause warming because he doesn't care.

Colbert doesn't wonder why sea levels have risen an almost immeasurable less than one foot in the last 150 years because he doesn't care.

Colbert doesn't have any curiosity as to why all the predictions of doom and gloom for decades, including the 1970s warning of an existential threat of a coming ice age, have been 100% wrong because he doesn't care.

He didn't ask the puppets why plutocrats and other establishmentarians such as Michael Bloomberg, John Kerry, President Obama, Bill Gates, and others who spread the propaganda of impending doom fly in private jets, have mansions, sail yachts, and drive gas-guzzling vehicles because he doesn't care.  All he cares about is power for Democrats and trashing Republicans.

What was the carbon footprint of the Colbert staff when they broke the law at the Capitol in a publicity stunt?

Colbert didn't ask the puppets why the length of life of people has greatly improved since the advent of fossil fuels because he doesn't care.

Take a look at these NIH statistics:

Life expectancy around Jesus's time, 2,000 years ago, was estimated to be around 35.

Life expectancy, 1870: around 43.

Life expectancy today is around 80, after an exponential rise in oil use, coal use, and all the other things that we are told cause warming and are supposedly killing us and destroying our planet.

CO2 has also increased from around 280 parts per million to 420 parts per million, which has not killed the rapidly growing population.  It has allowed the world to be fed.

So life expectancy went up a few years in 1,870 years and then almost doubled in the 150 years since, which occurred simultaneously with the exponential rise in fossil fuel use.  It is not a coincidence.

Colbert didn't ask the puppets about all the inventions and quality-of-life enhancements we have because of fossil fuels because he doesn't care.

We have water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, air-conditioning, central heating, mass production, computers, and many other products that enhanced and improved our quality and length of life.

Think of the increase in productivity on farms and in other manual labor jobs that have greatly improved because of machines powered by oil.

Look at all the medical machines and products we have because of oil.

Medicine After Oil:

Petrochemicals are used to manufacture analgesics, antihistamines, antibiotics, antibacterials, rectal suppositories, cough syrups, lubricants, creams, ointments, salves, and many gels. Processed plastics made with oil are used in heart valves and other esoteric medical equipment. Petrochemicals are used in radiological dyes and films, intravenous tubing, syringes, and oxygen masks. In all but rare instances, fossil fuels heat and cool buildings and supply electricity. Ambulances and helicopter "life flights" depend on petroleum, as do personnel who travel to and from medical workplaces in motor vehicles. Supplies and equipment are shipped — often from overseas — in petroleum-powered carriers. In addition there are the subtle consequences of fossil fuel reliance. A recently retired doctor informs me, "In orthopedics we used to set fractures mostly by feel and knowing the mechanics of how the fractures were created. I doubt that many of the present orthopedists could do a good job if you took away their [energy-powered] fluoroscope or X-ray."

How can anyone with an ounce of common sense or intelligence claim that life will be shorter and worse if we get rid of oil?  Democrats claim they care about the poor, the middle class, and small businesses, but their constant intention to destroy the fossil fuel industry shows that that is a lie.

The green energy scam is the biggest fraud I have ever seen.  The swamp is deep, as a huge number of people get extremely rich pushing this scam.

Will journalists ever do their job and ask questions or do research looking for scientific data before the fossil fuel industry, our economy, and our quality and length of life are decimated?

I doubt it because they don't care.  All they care about is the elections of extremist Democrats and the destruction of anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda.  They care about power because they are also swamp creatures.

Image: Screen shot from video posted by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via YouTube.

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