Chicago Public Schools website features appalling video justifying burning and looting

The Chicago Public Schools are doing a miserable job educating the children of that troubled city.  As Matt Rosenberg of Wirepoints notes, the school system has every incentive to redirect anger over its failures onto society as a whole, specifically to white racism.  It is via Wirepoints that I learned of the video embedded below and saw these basic statistics on the CPS's abject failures:

Rosenberg ably excerpts some of the most remarkable assertions of the video, but in order to fully grasp the level of hatred being expressed, it is worthwhile listening to the almost seven minutes of the rant, in which the speaker, author Kimberly Jones, credits participating on Operation Push (Jesse Jackson's old outfit) for her level of economic sophistication (such as it is).   

She begins with a robust defense of rioting and looting as an entitlement for those presently at the lower end of the economic spectrum.

"Wealthy black people (are) making the commentary...we should not be rioting, we should not be looting, we should not be tearing up our own communities. And then there's been the argument...we should be hitting them in the pocket...where we don't spend any money — but I feel like we should do both, and I support both." 

Of looters who struck in Chicago and other cities: 

"their only hope and their only opportunity to get some of the things that we flaunt and flash in front of them all the time is to walk through a broken glass window and get it." 

That's bad enough. But then comes the endorsement of guerilla action and arson as a form of entitled social protest. Jones later in the video adds:

"If the social contract is broken why the f--- do I give a s--- about burning the f------ Football Hall of Fame, and burning the f------Target...f--- your Target, f--- your Hall of Fame. As far as I'm concerned they can burn this b---- to the ground. And it still wouldn't be enough." 

I recommend reading the entire Wirepoints post for more.

Watch and weep:

In a separate Wirepoints post, Rosenberg chronicles the rejection by parents of the failing CPS system in a table featuring some of the mostly empty schools that have been largely abandoned:

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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